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Byrnes Easliy defeats Beson, Will Run Against Curley For Monmouth County Freeholder

I just returned home from todays Monmouth County Democratic Party’s Mini-Convention that was held at  Red Bank’s Carpenter’s Hall, where the big news of the day happened.
By a tally of 147  to 41, Middletown Committeeman Sean Byrnes was chosen over former Neptune Mayor Mike Beson to be the Monmouth County Democrats candidate for Freeholder.
Sean Byrnes will be facing off against former Red Bank Councilman  and fellow Midddletown resident, Republican John Curly  to succeed Freeholder Director Barbara McMorrow, who announced last week that she would not seek re-election due to health reason.
(Caption-  Former Neptune Mayor Mike Beson and Middletown’s Sean Byrnes shortly after announcement of Byrnes’s nod to run for Freeholder) 

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Beson Turns to Robo Calls to Garner Support for Freeholder

I have been contacted by a few friends that are reporting that they have been the recipients of “Robo Calls” on behalf of Mike Beson. Beson, the former Mayor of Neptune, is seeking the Democratic nomination to run for Monmouth County Freeholder tommorrow against Middletown’s Sean Byrnes at the county mini-convention in Red Bank.
Beson, who was endorsed by Congressman Frank Pallone earlier this week, must really be sweating this one out. If Beson loses the nomination to Byrnes it would be a huge embarrassment to Pallone. 
Everyone knows that the road to Freehold runs through Middletown, with Sean Byrnes seeking the nomination, Beson’s trip is extremely bumpy and is not guaranteed even with Pallone’s backing.   
I wonder who paid for those calls ?

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Byrnes Picks Up Key Support For Freeholder

Press Release

MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP (MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ) – Middletown Democratic Chairman Joseph Caliendo has endorsed Middletown Committeeman Sean Byrnes for the upcoming freeholder candidate selection contest at the Monmouth County Democratic Mini-Convention, to be held this Saturday.

“Sean Byrnes has the best chance of winning in November from among those who have expressed an interest to do so,” Caliendo said.

Caliendo said Byrnes is eminently qualified to become a freeholder. Byrnes is a retired U.S. Coast Guard Reserve commander, who operates a private practice law firm in Red Bank. Since he was sworn into office in January 2008, Byrnes has spearheaded the formation of Middletown’s Strategic Planning Committee, blocked Republican Party attempts at undoing the revaluation in Middletown, and fought to create more fiscal oversight of the township’s budget, among other accomplishments.

During his tenure in the military, Byrnes worked in a legal and financial oversight capacity, involved with budgetary and procurement activities, among others.

Among his other accomplishments, Byrnes is also a former Red Bank Board of Education member, according to Caliendo.

“I read that Rep. Frank Pallone has endorsed former Neptune Mayor Mike Beson for the freeholder spot. While Mr. Beson has impressive credentials, he is not a better candidate to defeat the Republican Party in November than Sean Byrnes,” Caliendo said.

The veteran Democratic chairman said Byrnes has already garnered strong grassroots support from Monmouth Democrats where it involves the upcoming freeholder contest.

“In this important upcoming county race, it is vital that Monmouth Democrats put up the best candidate they can to win in November,” Caliendo said. “The best person for the job is Sean Byrnes, without a doubt. If you can win in Middletown as a Democrat, you can win anywhere.”

Caliendo concluded that, because of the large number of voters that turnout from Middletown, the township plays an important role during county elections. Caliendo said he believes Byrnes will resonate with voters throughout the county, and especially in Middletown.

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