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Fair Haven’s Halfacre Sets Gerry Straight on Tax Info

It seems that Fair Haven’s Mayor Mike Halfacre may not be very happy with his Republican counter-part in Middeltown based on a comment that he left on another blog site that posted Gerry Scharfenbegerger “Middletown Tax Info” email.

In his attempt to make it seem that he was doing a good job at managing Middletown’s finances, Scharfenebrger as usual compared apples to oranges when he tried to compare Middeltown to Fair Haven by writing the following:

“Middletown has one of the lowest tax rates in the region. While we are currently at 35 cents, Fair Haven, for example, is almost 49 cents and Little Silver is over 50 cents.”

Halfacre picked up on this misnomer with the following comment:

“Fair Haven’s tax rate was 49.1 cents in 2007. Our rate is 45.8 in 2010. Over that same time frame state “aid” was cut nearly in half.

Comparing tax rates town to town does not give an idea of fiscal soundness, as every town is different. Middletown’s budget is ten times Fair Haven’s. They supply vastly different services. For example, FH does not have a swim club, housing authorities or facilities, etc. the list goes on and on”

Thanks Mayor Halfacre for pointing out to Gerry what many of us on the other side of the isle have been talking about for years now about him. That is, he likes to make broad and sweeping apples to oranges comparisions between Middletown and other towns such as Atlantic City, Newark, Camden and now Fair Haven, towns that have little in common with Middeltown, to make points about how well he and his friends have run Middletown.


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Monmouth County Town Hall Meetings Not For Faint Of Heart

Congressmen Pallone and Holt take on raucous crowds over health care reform

If you would like to read my take on the recent Rush Holt Town Hall Meeting in Middeltown you can read what I have to say about it at the New Jersey News Room, here’s a sample:
All across the country this summer, members of congress have been holding town hall meetings in their respective districts to discuss health care reform. These meetings have been widely reported as being loud, raucous, boisterous and at times downright obscene. Often hecklers and rowdy misinformed attendees have been rude and disrespectful of others’ opinions and have taken over the proceedings.

Frank Pallone (D-NJ6) and Rush Holt (D-NJ12), two members of congress that represent constituents in Monmouth County, were no exception. Each found out first hand just how rowdy and unruly these meeting could be when they held town hall meetings last week.

While I didn’t have the opportunity to attend Frank Pallone’s town hall meeting in Red Bank on Tuesday night August 25th, I’ve read a few accounts and have talked to some individuals who were there. They said what went on was a travesty of the political process, where it was all right to express one’s First Amendment right of free speech as long as you yelled, shouted or screamed out in opposition to socialism, illegal immigration and abortion, as well as health care reform — the purpose of the town hall meeting itself…

Read more >>>> Here

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Video and Pictures Of "Health Care" From Outsdie Holt Town Hall in Middletown

I put together my last few pieces of video from the Rush Holt Town Hall Meeting on Health Care that was held in Middletown Wednesday night and included some pictures that were taken outside while the meeting was progressing inside.

This first video is mine, the last minute of which may be interesting to some because it shows how tense people were while waiting for Congressman Holt to arrive. A shouting match errupted and had to be broken up by Middletown police.

This second video was shot by a friend who did not make it into the procceedings, so hung around outside to see what Fair Haven mayor, Mike Halfacre had to say.

And here are a few pictures that I call “Faces of health care”, from outside and around the Middletown Arts Cultrural Center before the events took place.

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