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Election Results From Middletown – Democrats have to "Wait ’til next year"

As they use to say in Brooklyn all those years ago when speaking of the Dodgers and what seemed to be the annual event of losing to the Yankees in the World Series – “Wait ’til next year!”. Democrats in Middletown are no different.

Jim Grenafege and Carol Fowler lost their race for Middletown Township Committee against Tony Fiore and Stephanie Murray, falling approximately 1600 votes shy, which was by no means a landslide.
Like the Brooklyn Dodgers of old, the Middletown Dems will live on to play the game another day, getting closer and closer to that elusive World Series victory that they and their many fans and supporter so covet. The losing only makes them that much more determined to play harder next year.
Republicans can bask in their victory this year but remember, Democrats are not going away anytime soon, be ready for an even tougher fight next year.
Below are the official results as posted on the Monmouth County Clerks webpage:

Vote Count Percent
REP – Anthony P. Fiore 6,699 27.91%
REP – Stephanie C. Murray 6,590 27.45%
DEM – James Grenafege 4,977 20.73%
DEM – Carol R. Fowler 5,108 21.28%
– Richard Morrill 615 2.56%
Write-In 16 0.07%
Total 24,005 100.00%

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>Unofficial Result Of Middletown BOE Election With 90% Of The Vote Counted

>With about 90% of the votes counted, according to the Monmouth County Clerks website, here are the unofficial results from today’s Middletown Board of Education election:

Full Term:

– Richard Morrill 1,478 11.92%
– Barry Allan Travis 1,416 11.42%
Bob Banta 2,609 21.05%
– Robert Superti 1,365 11.01%
John Macrae 3,181 25.66%
Gerald Wexelberg 2,275 18.35%
Write-In 71 0.57%
Total 12,395 100.00%

1 year Unexpired Term:

– Allan Burns 1,496 34.02%
– Ernest Donnelly 1,344 30.56%
Leonora Caminiti 1,539 34.99%
Write-In 19 0.43%
Total 4,398 100.00%

As of this moment the results of the school budget voting are to close to call, it seem that it will be down to the wire on this one, so far there is a 1 vote difference the approval of the budget and it’s defeat:

– Yes 2,930 50.01%
– No 2,929 49.99%
Total 5,859 100.00%


Update 11:17 pm

Unofficial results according to the Monmouth County Clerk after 100% of the vote counted, Middletown’s School Budget passed by 125 votes. The candidate results have not changed:

Yes 3,332 50.96%
– No 3,207 49.04%
Total 6,539 100.00%

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