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Scudiery Says GoodBye; Announces Intention To End Term As Monmouth County Democratic Chairman

Dear County Committee Member,

In looking back at nearly a quarter century in politics, you remember sweet victories and frustrating defeats. But what you remember most are the people. Once the victory night celebration has faded, the speeches have blurred and the music has quieted, the memory is of the people who worked with you, stood beside you and tried to make a positive difference.

For more than two decades, together we’ve stood side-by-side with Monmouth County and New Jersey’s working families. We’ve stood by those trying to do the right thing, those who work hard to make their children’s future brighter; those who get up every morning and go to work, who struggle to pay the mortgage and their utility bills, to put food on the table for their families; those who attend their places of worship with pride and dignity; those who coach their children’s Little League teams; those who attend the parent teacher conferences.

The wealthy and the powerful always have someone to speak for them; our party gives voice to those who would otherwise be voiceless. Together we have provided that voice and leadership.

During my tenure, New Jersey has elected a Democrat every time there’s been a state-wide federal election. We’ve won every state-wide Presidential and U.S. Senate election. We’ll do so again this year.

I take pride in the ideal that as Democrats we represent all of the people. Our candidates reflect the diversity of the most diverse state in the country. Our ticket this year will reflect that diversity. President Barrack Obama, the first African-American President and U.S. Senator Robert Menendez, our state’s first Hispanic United States Senator. We’ve come a long way in 23 years and proven that our Party is open to all. During my tenure New Jersey also elected its first Italian-American Governor and we’ve elected more women to office than any time in our history.

But as former Speaker of the House of Representatives Thomas “Tip” O’Neil said, “All politics is local.”

Here in Monmouth County we’ve provided outstanding leadership and built from the municipalities up a growing party that has made enormous strides. Our Mayors and Council members are providing innovative, open and honest government across Monmouth County. We took leadership back on the Freeholder Board and are positioned by developing an outstanding local farm team to provide Democratic leadership again.

During my time as chairman we worked together to take back the 12th Legislative District. We worked to defeat an incumbent Republican Congressman and to elect Congressman Rush Holt. U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone has represented much of our county for 24 years.

I believe we’ve been successful as a party because people like you got involved for the right reasons, not because they were looking for a title, status or any other aggrandizement. We succeed when we put the people and the party first.

I urge our Democratic leaders throughout New Jersey to work to stop the infighting and the deal making that pits one group in our party against another. We need to support policies that help the many and walk away from policies that seem to enrich just a few.

Perhaps my favorite memory of politics in Monmouth County is not of a race that we won, but the one that’s most vivid – my first. John Winterstella and Gene Anthony were candidates for Freeholder in my first year; Jack Manutti and Annie Grant contested the Constitutional Offices. In that year, Surrogate Patricia Bennett was our only Democratic county-wide official. I walked with the candidates every day and night, we campaigned hard for months, and in the end came up a few hundred votes short. But we launched the party in the right direction. We gave it a start.

After 23 years, I’ve decided to end my term as Chairman of the Monmouth County Democrats. But I know that because all of the work of dedicated, loyal Democrats like you, I will leave it in good hands.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the honor and privilege of serving the Monmouth County Democrats and all of the people of Monmouth County.

To our friends in organized labor; everyone who’s ever stuffed an envelope, made a phone call or talked to your neighbors to help elect a Council member or President; everyone who’s given of their time and their money to support our candidates; all of those who have put themselves before the voters and stood up for our party and its principles; all of those who have been selfless in their dedication to a cause that’s right, I thank you.


Victor V. Scudiery, Chairman
Monmouth County Democrats, Inc.

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>Newark Mayor Cory Booker To Host Monmouth County Chairman’s Ball


Here’s an event I am surely not going to miss!
Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Victor V. Scudiery
The Monmouth County Democrats Executive Committee
Cordially invite you to attend the
21st Annual
Chairman’s Ball
With Special Host
Thursday, September 30th, 2010
7:00pm ~ 9:30pm
Sterling Gardens
227 Freneau Avenue (Rt. 79)
Matawan, NJ 07747
$125 per person
Black Tie (Optional)
Gold Level Sponsorship ~ 8 Tickets and Full Page Ad ~ $5,000
Silver Level Sponsorship ~ 4 Tickets and Full Page Ad ~ $2,500
Ad Journal
½ page: $100 Full page: $150
Covers (3): $500
For more information, pls e-mail me back @

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Brookdale Democratic Club To Hold "Meet the Democratic Candidates For Monmouth County"

The Brookdale Community College Democratic Club will be holding a meet and greet for the Democratic Candidates of Monmouth County on Oct. 15,2009 in room NAV III at 11:30 am.

Democratic Candidate for Freeholder Sean F. Byrnes will be joined by:
NJ State Assembly Candidates
Randy Bishop and Rick Bolger – Assembly District 11
Michelle Roth – Assembly District 12
Jim Greanafege and Bob Brown – Assembly District 13
A free lunch will also be provided.

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Two River Democratic Clubs Join Together For A Memorable Time

Yesterday, I was honor to attend a gathering of Democratic Clubs that encompass the Two River area along the Navisink and Shrewsbury Rivers.

Members from the Fair Haven,Little Silver,Rumson,Shrewsbury and Shrewbury Boro. Democratic Clubs along with representatives from Red Bank and Middletown, joined together for the very first time at a meet and greet fundraiser for Fair Haven candidates Matthew Cohen and Margo Tikijian.

In all nearly 100 people attended the event hosted by Cory and John Hoffman of Fair Haven, in their house that overlooks the Navisink River, and none left disappointed.

Those who were in attendance were highly energized after hearing from guest speakers Freeholders Amy Mallet and Barbara McMorrow, Freeholder Candidate Sean F. Byrnes, NJ State Assembly Candidate for District 12 Michelle Roth and US Congressman Rush Holt. It was truly one of the most dynamic events I have ever attended.

For a taste of what the night was like, below is the video I recorded of Freeholder Candidate Sean Byrnes addressing the crowd:

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Beson Turns to Robo Calls to Garner Support for Freeholder

I have been contacted by a few friends that are reporting that they have been the recipients of “Robo Calls” on behalf of Mike Beson. Beson, the former Mayor of Neptune, is seeking the Democratic nomination to run for Monmouth County Freeholder tommorrow against Middletown’s Sean Byrnes at the county mini-convention in Red Bank.
Beson, who was endorsed by Congressman Frank Pallone earlier this week, must really be sweating this one out. If Beson loses the nomination to Byrnes it would be a huge embarrassment to Pallone. 
Everyone knows that the road to Freehold runs through Middletown, with Sean Byrnes seeking the nomination, Beson’s trip is extremely bumpy and is not guaranteed even with Pallone’s backing.   
I wonder who paid for those calls ?

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Middletown Committeeman Sean Byrnes Confirms Monmouth County Freeholder Bid

After hearing the news earlier today that Middletown’s Sean Byrnes was going to seek the Monmouth County Democratic line for Freeholder in order to fill the vacancy left on the ticket by the sudden decision of Freeholder Director Barbara McMorrow not to seek re-election, I was stunned. I never expected it, I had never heard from Sean Byrnes or anyone else for that matter, that he ever considered or was even interested in higher office.

As one of two Democratic Committeeman currently serving on Middletown’s Township Committee (the other being Patrick Short), Sean Byrnes has made a true difference in bringing transparency and openness to Town Hall. It will be Middletown’s lose if Byrnes wins the open Freeholder seat in November.
I reached out to Committeeman Byrnes to ask if he had any comments about his intentions to seek the Democratic party line for the open Freeholder seat up for grabs.
Here is his reply:
“It is all happening a little too quickly. I wasn’t looking to be a candidate, but I was asked. I have mixed feelings. I am just starting to make change in Middletown and make progress. Part of me would like to continue on that path. On the other hand, sometime opportunities come suddenly and you have to be willing to take the plunge. It is far from certain I will get the nod at the convention, so we’ll see.”

“… I guess I would say that I have mixed feelings. I do have specific things I would like to accomplish in Middletown. I have just started the Strategic Planning Committee and the Recreation Committee to implement the Master Plan. I am looking forward to the working on those committees. I feel like I have been able to shift the focus and agenda of the Township Committee in the right direction, especially from a budget perspective, so I am reluctant to leave before completing that work. However, the County Government needs reform after so many years of one party control. While last year brought the winds of change to County Government, I don’t want to see us lose the opportunity to continue the changes that Barbara McMorrow and the Democratic Freeholders have started. If control slips back into Republican hands, then I believe we will have missed a significant opportunity for change for the better.”

Sean Byrnes will make a great Freeholder candidate, he is smart and always thinks first before answering a question. The man does his homework and believes that the “devil is in the details”. I can not think of another person in Monmouth County that would be a better candidate. I think that the Republican challenger, John Curley will have a very difficult road ahead of him if Byrnes is in fact chosen to lead the Monmouth County ticket on Saturday.
I wish him well in his efforts.


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Morehead To Announce Candidacy for 13th District

Matt Morehead, Chairman of the Monmouth County Bayshore Young Democrats, has just announced that he will be seeking the Democratic Party line to challenge Republican Amy Handlin in the 13th NJ Legislative District Assembly race this year.
 The Middletown resident  will be appearing at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft to announce his intent to run for public office.

The press event will take place from noon to 1 p.m. in the Student Life Center’s Navesink II Room.

Will he actually get the go ahead from the Monmouth Democrats? It’s hard to say, but I wouldn’t rule it out. After all I haven’t heard of anyone else that is willing to run against Handlin as of yet.
Matt Morehead is a fresh face that has worked very hard over the past couple of years to bring attention to youth issues. He could put up a very good fight if given the chance.
 Caption: Matt Morehead with Victory Scudiery and Brookdale Democratic Club President

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