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My Support For Corzine: It’s About Values

Now that Labor Day has past and the kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter and the nights a bit cooler, autumn is in the air, the leaves on the trees are changing color and people are starting to pay attention and notice the change. Another thing people are beginning to notice as summer turns to fall is that campaign season has begun in earnest.

With 18 days to go before Election Day family members, friends, colleagues and people on the street are not only asking who is running for office this year but who they should vote for. This year though, along with numerous local and state assembly seats up for grabs, New Jersey will be electing its governor.

New Jerseyans will have 3 candidates to choose from this year, current New Jersey Governor, Democrat Jon Corzine, is seeking re-election and is being challenged by Republican Chris Christie and Independent candidate Chris Daggett. When I am asked whom I will vote for and why, I am proud to say that I will be voting for Jon Corzine.

Why will I be casting my vote for Jon Corzine? It’s simple really, Jon Corzine best reflects the values that I believe in and that is what I tell others to consider when deciding on who to vote for.

As a progressive democrat, education, health-care, and fiscal responsibility are a few of the values that I hold dear and so does Governor Corzine. We also share a belief in and a desire to stand on our principles whether or not they are popular.

Jon Corzine knows that our children represent our future and that is why he has invested over $1.8 billion since 2006 in education while reducing the overall size of state government. He changed the formula for school funding so that money is more evenly distributed across the state and is increased for special education. He has championed the importance of early childhood education and for his efforts; New Jersey now leads the nation in preschool enrollment.

While the nation argues over health-care reform and whether or not to provide universal coverage to all, Jon Corzine enacted a child health care mandate that according to the governor’s website “expanded NJ Family Care to qualify 80,000 previously ineligible children, bringing the total number of insured kids to more than 570,000. The Governor also expanded access to Family Care for parents of enrolled children earning up to $40,000.”

As New Jersey’s governor, Jon Corzine had the foresight to see the recession coming and put together his own economic recovery and stimulus plan before anyone else, which has place the state ahead of the others in lessening the effects of the current economic recession.

Over the past two years Jon Corzine has reigned in spending and reduced the size of the state budget to become the only governor in the past sixty years to reduce the size of the government. He did this and was still able to increase funds for education and children’s health care.

Property taxes are always a big issue here and a real problem for many individuals. As we all know school taxes make up roughly 55 percent of our property tax bill each year, as governor, Jon Corzine has been able to hold the line on property taxes. Increases in the property tax rate has been slowed to just 3.7 percent in recent years, the lowest it has been in over a decade.

One reason for the slow down in the rise of property taxes has been Corzine’s investments in the education system. Prior to the Corzine Administration, the average school tax levy was 6%. This year, the school tax levy was 2.65%.

Over the past 4 years as governor, Jon Corzine has provided $7 billion of direct property tax relief to the residents of New Jersey; more than any other in history.

Jon Corzine is a governor who has the right priorities and the right set of values for me. He is exactly what New Jersey needs right now – a tested and experienced leader.

It is because he has the courage to do what is right, not what’s just popular at the moment and I believe, he genuinely cares about helping New Jerseyans that I will be voting for Jon Corzine’s re-election on November 3rd.


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Governor Jon S. Corzine: A Critical Year for New Jersey

I received the following letter from Governor Corzine in my inbox this afternoon and I thought that I would share it with you. 

In the letter the Governor states that he will deliver his budget to the legislature on March 10th, which will then begin the process of addressing New Jersey’s $7 billion deficit. He also mentions that our state is not as bad off financially as other states are, while trying to make it clear that during these very difficult financial time, now is not for gimmicks or grand-standing.
I think that the Governor must be a bit of a masochist because he added a link to his an email account and new website in order for people send him personal messages. I could only imagine  what some people have to say to him,  Youch! : 


This is an important year for New Jersey.

On March 10th, I will deliver my executive budget and begin the process of addressing our state’s $7 billion deficit. While New Jersey is significantly better off than many other states because of the action my colleagues in the legislature and I have taken during the past three years, it is critical that we continue to make responsible decisions and the right choices for New Jersey.

I believe that the national financial crisis is an opportunity to outline our priorities and take measure of our values. This is a moment to define who we are as a state, and as a people.

This is not a moment for cheap answers to our most important questions. New Jersey deserves details and direct answers, and you will continue to get both from me.

This is not a moment for short-sighted solutions and tepid half-measures. New Jersey deserves responsible, long-term solutions, and you will continue to hear detailed proposals from me.

This is not a moment for antagonistic grandstanding or political stunts. New Jersey deserves a committed partner who will work with President Obama, and you will continue to see my partnerships with leaders at the national and state level deliver real results for our working families.

This is not a moment for politically-convenient rhetoric that simplifies or downplays the difficult challenges we face. New Jersey deserves honest and serious leadership, and you have always been able to count on that from me.

New Jersey remains ahead of the curve in dealing with this national recession, and my responsibility as Governor is to insure that we stay on a course for fiscal prosperity into the future while making certain that New Jersey families have the support that they need to make it through these difficult times.

These are big challenges, and I am going to need your help.

I am going to be regularly sharing the details of my budget, initiatives, and the latest developments from Trenton and Washington DC, and I want to encourage you to share your thoughts with me via my website or by sending an email to I’ll be answering questions and comments regularly via email, my soon-to-be-launched new website, and other online events.

Please stand with me, our state leaders, and our Democratic partners in Washington DC as we confront these challenges. There is far too much riding on the year ahead to sit on the sidelines.

Thank you,
Governor Jon Corzine

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