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Football Friday: Princess Picks The Giants Over The Saints

Another Football Friday is upon us which means another chance at prognostication by Princess the Camel of Popcorn Park Zoo.

If we look back to last week, Princess’s pick of the Jets turned out to be a loser thanks in part to an over-hyped defense that gave up 21 points in the 4th quarter, 31 points overall.
This week Princess stay with the local team and picks the New York Giants to defeat the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans.
“…The Saints are good, but as long as the Giants defense doesn’t pull a disappearing act like those Jats did last week, they should be fine. It’s about time for Eli to show Jeremy Shockey who’s the boss, too. I’m goin’ with the Giants in a close game.” Princess said when questioned about her pick by handler John.
So far this season Princess’s won-loss record stands at 3-2 after she failed to pick correctly last week. Will Princess start a new winning streak this week? We’ll have to wait and see. As a Giants fan I hope her prediction comes out on top.

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Football Friday: Princess Picks The Saints

Could this be a bad omen for Jets fans? Princess the Camel of Popcorn Park Zoo has chosen the New Orlean Saints to remain undefeated this week in their match-up with the Jets.

This weeks game against two undefeated teams is litmus test for the Jets and their fans. How good defensively are the Jets and their rookie quaterback, Mark Sanchez? This week should tell.
The Saints offense high powered offense lead by Drew Brees, is hitting on all cylinders at the moment and their defense isn’t to shabby either.
The Jets and their fans have to hope that this years new defense is enough to slow down the Saints and keep the game within reach enough for the Jets and Mark Sanchez to pull it out.
Here’s what Princess had to say about this weeks game:
“…John, they’re good, but the Saints’ offense is passing and running on all cylinders right now. Hey, try not to let the new young Jet quarterback know I picked the Saints, OK?…”

So far during this young NFL season, Princess has a 2-1 record in picking winners and has she has been on a winning streak of sorts lately,picking the winner each of the last two weeks.

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President Obama’s Weekly Address: 8/29/09 Lessons and Renewal Out of the Gulf Coast

The President discusses the steps being taken to finish the job of recovery from Hurricane Katrina as the fourth anniversary approaches. He points to local citizens working hard alongside responsible government to make real progress in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, and pledges that the lessons of Katrina will not be forgotten.

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