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Princess the Camel Picks The Giants Over the Eagles This Weekend

This is welcomed news if you are a Giants fan, the prognosticating camel of Popcorn Park Zoo, Princess, has chosen the NY Giants over the Philadelphia Eagle in this weekends NFL playoff matchup of  NFC East Division rivals according to the Asbury Park Press.  

Princess’s record in predicting the out come of NFL games this year stands at 15-3.  John Bergmann, the general manager of the Popcorn Park Refuge has been quoted as saying “This is Princess’ third year of picking teams. She’s always had an edge, but this year is unbelievable, no human can predict, no computer can calculate winners with such accuracy.”
As a big Giants fan myself, I love this prediction and will take good news anywhere I can get it. If memory serves me correctly, I believe that Princess also picked the Giants over the Patriots in the Superbowl last year.  
To be fair to Eagle fans, I must mention that Princess split this years games between the two teams this year, her pick of the Giants over the Eagle in week 14 was wrong, the Eagles won that game 20-14. So I suppose the Eagles still have a small chance at victory.

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