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LD12 Senate candidate Brown calls on opponent Thompson to apologize for anti-police comments

September 13, 2011

Old Bridge – State Senate candidate Bob Brown, a retired police officer who was shot in the line of duty, is calling on his opponent in the November election to apologize to law enforcement officials for a disparaging comment he made last week about retired police. Assemblyman Sam Thompson, the Republican nominee for Senate in Legislative District 12, was replying to a call from Brown to forgo his public pension while he accrues a salary as a legislator, a practice known as “double dipping.”

In reference to Brown’s criticism of Thompson’s double dipping, the Assemblyman said to that Brown should “look at all his fellow law enforcement officers who retire and take a second career. Is he bothered by that?” (Source: PolitickerNJ)

“First Sam Thompson refuses to stop abusing New Jersey taxpayers by double dipping, taking both a public pension and public salary. Now, he has insulted police officers everywhere by comparing his selfish actions to their struggle to put food on their families’ tables,” said Brown, who went to law school after becoming permanently disabled because of a gunshot wound. “Police officers put their lives on the line every day to keep us all safe. Thompson owes all of them an apology.”

Thompson continues to receive both his salary and pension, totaling over $100,000 per year, despite calls from Brown to stop collecting one of the other. Brown currently receives a disability pension and has pledged not to collect it if he is elected to the State Senate.

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Bob Brown Back on Strategy Room This Morning At 11:00

Old Bridge attorney and former Democratic candidate for NJ Legislative District 13, Robert”Bob” Brown will make another appearance this morning at 11:00 am on Fox News’s online web program “The Strategy Room“.

This marks the 14th time Bob has been a guest on the show.
During the 11:00 hour Bob will be joining host Lis Weilh and fellow guests Psychiatrist Dr. Dale Archer ( and Personal Injury Attorney Keith Sullivan to discuss “Cops and Cases”
If you have the time to tune in you should check out the show. Anytime Bob Brown has made an appearance on the show it has always been a lively and interesting discussion that has lead to some insightful T.V.

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Bob Brown Back On Strategy Room This Morning At 11:00

Former Democratic Candidate for the 13th legislative District, Bob Brown, will be making another appearance on the Fox News online web program, The Strategy Room, this morning at 11 am.

This will be Brown’s first appearance on the show since the November 3rd election and should be interesting to hear his insights about the before going on to discuss the days topic for which he is a panelist for.

Bob Brown,is a retired Old Bridge NJ police office who was shot in the line of duty and who now pratices, law will make his 10th appearance on the program and will be discussing with other panelist “Cops and Cases”.

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Campaign Video For Bob Brown, Candidate for Assembly Dsitrict 13, Is On The Web

Democratic candidate for State Assembly, Robert “Bob” Brown, is an attorney and retired Old Bridge police officer who was wounded in the line of duty. He is running in the 13th district against Republican incumbents Sam Thompson and Amy Handlin.

He has a short biographical campaign video that has recently been posted on the web, you can watch it below:

To learn more about Bob Brown and his runningmate, Middletown’s Jim Grenafege, and the issues that they will be fighting for check out their website

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