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>Public Still Trusts Obama More


Heading into next year, I find this poll from the Washington Post/ABC News intriguing. I see it as an indication of more gridlock coming out of Washington as both sides of the political process try to one-up each other in an attempt to gain the upper hand next year, leading into the 2012 Presidential campaign.

Despite major Democratic losses in the midterm elections, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds Americans trust President Obama marginally more than congressional Republicans to deal with the country’s main problems in the coming years, 43% to 38%.

Meanwhile, just 41% of those polled say the Republican takeover of the House of Representatives is a “good thing,” while 27% say it is a “bad thing,” and 30% say it won’t make any difference.

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Are Democrats "Dropping Like Flies"? Not Really

Political Wire

With news of four Democrats dropping their bids yesterday, ABC News says that Democrats “are dropping like flies.”

But Steve Benen notes that Republican retirements, at least for now, still outnumber Democratic retirements.

“In the House, 14 GOP incumbents have decided not to seek re-election, while 10 Democratic incumbents have made the same announcement… In the Senate, six Republican incumbents have decided not to seek re-election, while two Democratic incumbents have made the same announcement.”

“Among governors, several incumbents in both parties are term-limited and prevented from running again, but only three Democrats who can seek re-election — Parkinson in Kansas, Doyle in Wisconsin, and Ritter in Colorado — have chosen not to. For Republicans, the number is four — Douglas in Vermont, Rell in Connecticut, Crist in Florida, and Pawlenty in Minnesota. (Update: the GOP number is five if we include Palin in Alaska.)”

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Joe Kyrillos’ Glass House

I thought that the following post and commentary from Blue Jersey’s Vincent Solomeno would be of interested to my fellow Midletown residents. The post deals deals with Middletown’s very own state Senator from the 13th District Joe Kyrillos and how he has tried to capitalize on the recent corruption cases for the Christie campaign. Vincent points out that Kyrillos supported evry one of the indicted Republicans that where wrapped up in 2005’s “Operation Bid Rid” and that people that live in galss houses shouldn’t be throwing stones. The artical was first posted on Blue Jersey last Thursday.

From Blue Jersey – by Vincent Solomeno

Like my mother says, people in glass houses should never throw stones. The Bergen Record’s Herb Jackson reports today that Solomon Dwek, the cooperating witness in the F.B.I.’s recent corruption bust, gave nearly $200,000 to New Jersey elected officials of both parties. While there is nothing nefarious about accepting a contribution, it is disconcerting when one considers the influence of money in our political system, a reality for lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle.

Yesterday, CQPolitics changed their estimate of the New Jersey gubernatorial race from Toss-Up to Leans Republican. The story on the ratings change included a quote from State Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-Middletown), State Chairman of Chris Christie for Governor, who was quick to link Democrats to the latest round of indictments:

“I think that the New Jersey Democratic party is a major embarrassment, not just to people here at home, but should be to Democrats all over this country,” said Christie campaign chairman Joe Kyrillos, a state senator.

“There’s a culture and an enabling of people and care and feeding of the wrong kinds of actors and a looking the other way that has a allowed this kind of episode – and it’s not the first one – to take place,” he said.

Kyrillos is right that there is a culture that enables corruption in New Jersey politics. What he neglected to acknowledge is the bipartisan nature of the problem. Which is interesting, considering he actively supported every one of the Republican elected officials nabbed in the 2005 wave of Operation Bid Rig. He even counted some among his friends. As Jackson’s report makes clear, Kyrillos also accepted $5,200 from Dwek, notwithstanding the $51,000 given over to the Republican State Committee.

No one is saying Kyrillos is crooked. Dwek also donated to the re-election campaign of Congressman Frank Pallone and to the Democratic State Committee. Like Pallone, Kyrillos is giving the contributions over to charity. And while there was nothing wrong with accepting the contributions in the first place, Dwek’s inroads demonstrate that the permanent quest for cash inherent in New Jersey’s political culture is a problem for both Democrats and Republicans.

Corruption has nothing to do with political party. Chris Christie has said as much himself. It’s a fact that his campaign chairman, with his own ties to corrupt politicians and dirty money, would be wise to remember. Because really, Joe, people in glass houses should never throw stones.

politicizing corruption (4.00 / 1)
In the past, I’ve seen more level-headed Republicans such as Senator O’Toole not use a political corruption case as a pretense to lambaste the state Democratic Party. But such behavior would be too much to ask for from Christie puppy-dog Kyrillos, who doesn’t undertand that, as Vincent rightly put it, corruption knows no party boundary.
Interestingly enough, besides the Dwek donation and the Bid Rig scandal connections mentioned above, Kyrillos may have some other Christie-centered, quid-pro-quo issues in his closet. According to the On Our Radar blog

The Christie brothers’ business associates, including Kyrillos, also donated generously to the state Republicans during that critical time Chris was being considered for recommendation. Does one hand wash another? Employees of Todd’s New York company then donated $14,000 to Kyrillos’ campaign in October 2001. In the three years Kyrillos held a committee chairmanship, the Christies and their associates gave the Kyrillos campaign $30,850.
Last week’s horrific corruption case that was brought to light had very little to do with any systemic Democratic corruption and everything to do with transparency and checks and balances on a general level. Kyrillos may spout lame Christie talking points, but he has his own possible ethical quandaries to worry about.

And we haven’t even mentioned huntsu’s research on Kyrillos hyperpolitical college interview with Christie that couldn’t even be aired…

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Democratic Poll Shows Closer New Jersey Race

To counter a poll published earlier from Monmouth/Gannett showing Chris Christie (R) expanding his lead in New Jersey’s gubernatorial race to 14 points, an internal Democratic poll was suddenly released that shows Gov. Jon Corzine (D) just seven points behind.

The poll shows Christie leading Corzine, 42% to 35%, with independent Christopher Daggett getting 6%. –

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American Optimism Grows

Political Wire

A new McClatchy/Ipsos poll finds the public mood “appears to be lightening,” with 55% of Americans saying they think the country is moving in the right direction and only 38% saying it’s on the wrong track.

Just a month ago, the right track/wrong track margin was 45% to 48%.

In addition, President Obama remains highly popular, with 65% of Americans approving of how he’s handling his job and 31% disapproving.

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The Obama Generation

Here is an interesting piece from Political Wire that is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

A new Democracy Corps poll shows the Republican Party is “growing more and more irrelevant to America’s young people. In marked contrast, young people’s support for the President has expanded beyond the 66 percent support they gave him last November.”

“Republicans struggle among young people for a very specific reason. At a time when young people are paying close attention to politics and when so many are struggling economically, even more so than older generations, the Republicans simply do not speak to the reality of their lives or to the issues important to them. This perception stands in marked contrast to their reaction to Barack Obama.”

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Obama, More Like Gandhi ?

Hendrik Hertzberg  has a great piece in The New Yorker titled Partisanship, By the Bye.  It talks about how President Obama is using bipartisanship as a political weapon:

“Fifty years ago, the civil-rights movement understood that nonviolence can be an effective weapon even if — or especially if — the other side refuses to follow suit. Obama has a similarly tough-minded understanding of the political uses of bipartisanship, which, even if it fails as a tactic for compromise, can succeed as a tonal strategy: once the other side makes itself appear intransigently, destructively partisan, the game is half won. Obama is learning to throw the ball harder. But it’s not Rovian hardball he’s playing. More like Gandhian hardball.”

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