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Patrick Short Lead Others in Middletown Flood Plans

If you don’t wish to take my word for it on the last post “Lies and Lying Liars who tell Them…”, then read the following letter written by Port Monmouth resident Jeanette Wronka, who along with her neighbors have been fighting and complaining about the flooding in their neighborhood for 20 years years.

Mrs Wronka lives on Monmouth ave and has been one of the most effect homeowners in the neighborhood, often on rainy days during high tide the flood water have reached her front yard or worst:

Dear Editor,
A recent letter to you ( Thursday, August 13 ) praising that the “Middletown Flood Plans are Noteworthy” was indeed correct and an understatement after all these years.

However, as a resident on Monmouth Avenue who has participated in Township meetings and meetings with Congressmen Pallone regarding this issue many years ago, and then most recently with the current Committee for several months, I must set the record straight.

It was Committee member Patrick Short who first embraced the idea of a solution to our problem and reached out to the residents of Monmouth/Brainard/ Wilson Avenues of Port Monmouth. His was the first suggestion of the pump station and other possible avenues that he wished to propose to the Committee. He was quickly endorsed by Sean Byrnes of the Committee and then Anthony Fiore. With that support in place, the Mayor and Deputy mayor then joined in support.

Patrick Short’s support is what got us where we are today regarding a solution and hopefully it will finally be realized. (my emphasise)

Jeanette Wronka
Port Monmouth

Enough Said !!

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