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>Write-In Support Needed for Christopher Cullen, Democratic Candidate For NJ State Senate District 13, During Tuesday’s Primary Election

>If you have received your Primary ballots for the 13th District (Bayshore area) you’ll notice something missing – The Democratic candidate for State Senate Candidate, CHRISTOPHER CULLEN is missing. Democrats needs to write in Chris’s name when you go to vote. This will ensure that he appears on the ballot in November.

If you are unsure how to do this ask your local poll worker, that is what they are there for and they would be more than happy to explain how to do it.

Due to the lateness and confusion surrounding the filing deadline for candidates this year as a result of redistricting, Christopher Cullen had an issue with his Candidate petition before the filing deadline and did not receive enough valid signatures.

Therefore Cullen needs our help! Please do not forget to write-in CHRISTOPHER CULLEN on Tuesday, June 7th at the polls or on your absentee ballot.

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Primary Election Results For Middletown

For those that are interested in the outcome of today’s primary election in Middletown, the votes broke down as follows:

For the three way race for the right to represent the Middeltown GOP the results are;

Newcomer Kevin Settembrino received 2,023 votes (39.13%), Gerry Scharfenberger received 1,914 votes (37.02%) and the challenger of both who wished to upset Scharfenberger, Tony Avellone received 1,211 votes (23.42%). There were 22 write-in votes that totaled .43%

For the Democrats, both candidates were running unopposed;
Incumbent Sean Byrnes received 689 votes (50.18%) and his new running mate Mary Mahoney received 674 vote (49.09%). There were 10 write-in votes that totaled .73%
So now with the results of the primary behind us and all the candidates settled, let the games begin as they say, the campaign starts tomorrow !

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Monmouth County Unofficial Primary Election Results As Of 9:35 PM

As of 9:28 pm here are the unofficial primary election results for the Democratic and Republican candidates for Governor in Monmouth County. According to the County Clerk votes are still on their way in, but as for now:

Jon Corzine  seems to have won with 63.7% of the Democratic vote, while Chris Christie has defeated rival Steve Lonegan in the Republican Monmouth County primary  54.1% to 44.43%. 

DEM – Governor
212/456 46.49%
Under Votes 366
Over Votes 0
  Vote Count Percent
Roger Bacon 369 9.46%
Carl A. Bergmanson 482 12.35%
Jon S. Corzine 2,481 63.58%
Jeff Boss 494 12.66%
Write-In 76 1.95%
REP – Governor
212/456 46.49%
Under Votes 110
Over Votes 0
  Vote Count Percent
Chris Christie 6,552 54.10%
Steven M. Lonegan 5,381 44.43%
Rick Merkt 172 1.42%
Write-In 7 0.06%
Total 12,112 100.00%

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GOP Salivating for New Jersey Governorship

By ANDY BARR- Politico

With New Jersey Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine lagging in the polls, Republicans couldn’t be more enthusiastic about their chances of ousting him in November.

But first they must settle an intraparty conflict over who’s best suited to do the job — former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie or former Bogota, N.J., Mayor Steve Lonegan. Assemblyman Rick Merkt is also contending for the nomination in Tuesday’s GOP gubernatorial primary, though he trails by wide margins in the polls.

The contest pits two wings of the Republican Party against each other, with Christie widely viewed as the moderate conservative with more general election appeal in a Democratic state like New Jersey and Lonegan framed as the more orthodox conservative.

Corzine trailed both GOP candidates, according to a Research 2000/Daily Kos poll released Thursday, with Christie leading the incumbent Democrat 46 percent to 39 percent, with 15 percent undecided. Lonegan held a 3 percentage-point lead over the governor, 43 percent to 40 percent, with 17 percent undecided.

According to the poll, Corzine’s favorability rating is just 36 percent, compared with 55 percent who view him unfavorably. Nine percent had no opinion.

In the GOP gubernatorial contest, most polls show Christie leading Lonegan by around 20 percentage points. A May 20 Quinnipiac University poll gave Christie a 56-to-33-point lead.

“It’s pretty obvious that it is going to be Christie vs. Corzine,” said Quinnipiac pollster Clay Richards. “There was a little doubt for a while that Christie just didn’t seem to be catching fire, but in the last few weeks, he definitely has and Lonegan has not.”

Christie has been aided in his run by the support of several prominent national Republicans and is seen as having the support of the national party establishment. Former GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and Steve Forbes have spent significant time on the stump with Christie and aided the former federal prosecutor in fundraising.

In his endorsement, Romney praised Christie as “a strong conservative voice for balanced budgets, low taxes and more jobs.”

Lonegan has sought to turn Christie’s establishment support against him by questioning Christie’s willingness to let moderate Republicans from outside the state speak on his behalf.

When asked about the endorsements Christie has gotten from popular Republican figures, Lonegan strategist Rick Shaftan quickly interjected, “You mean all these moderate Republicans helping Chris Christie?”

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New Jersey’s GOP Primary: Lonegan Isn’t Christie’s Biggest Problem

By Bill Pascoe , CQ politics

With five weeks left until Primary Election Day, the Republican gubernatorial primary in New Jersey just kicked into high gear.

But are the rival campaigns — and GOP primary voters — overlooking the most salient data?

Is Jon Corzine — who just registered the highest-ever job disapproval ratings on record for a New Jersey Governor — nevertheless on a glide path to reelection?

Political New Jersey has been aflutter since last Wednesday, when the release of two new surveys — one by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, and one by Strategic Vision — focused attention on the threat posed to establishment Republican frontrunner Chris Christie by conservative challenger Steve Lonegan.

Quinnipiac has a long history of polling in New Jersey.

Quinnipiac, as it always has, told us how the poll was conducted, including telling us the size of the subsample of likely GOP voters.

Strategic Vision, by contrast, didn’t tell us what was the size of the subsample of GOP voters, or tell us whether the survey respondents were screened for a likelihood to vote.

Consequently, most campaign veterans — at least those who aren’t already on the Christie campaign payroll — focused on the Quinnipiac numbers.

That Quinnipiac survey indicated that the GOP gubernatorial primary was a lot tighter than most people had believed it to be.

According to that survey, Christie’s lead over Lonegan was a mere 9 points, at 46-37 percent, among the subsample of 486 likely GOP primary voters.

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