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President Obama’s Weekly Address 8/13/11: Putting the American People First

WASHINGTON– In this week’s address, President Obama told the American people that although the United States leads the world in new ideas, innovative businesses and creative entrepreneurs, too many Americans are still struggling to get by. It is time for Congress to act on the President’s proposals, including extending the payroll tax cut, cutting red tape, and getting our construction workers back to work, so that we can get our economy on firmer ground and ensure that anyone who wants a job can find one. President Obama believes the American people deserve more than political brinksmanship, and urges anyone who is frustrated by the gridlock in Washington to let their elected officials know that it is time to put aside partisanship and act in the best interests of the country.

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Video: Gov. Corzine’s leadership is putting people to work

In this new video released by the Corzine campaign last night, President Barack Obama’s Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood praises Governor Jon Corzine’s leadership in securing federal money for projects that are putting people to work in New Jersey.

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