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>Many Possible Reasons Behind Brightbill’s Decision Not To Seek Re-Election in Middletown

>It’s been nearly a week now since Middletown Deputy Mayor Pam Brightbill announced that she wouldn’t seek another term on the Middletown Township Committee.

The news came as a shock to many, including Board of Education member Joan Minnues, who has worked closely with Brightbill over the years putting together events such as the Great Race and Project Prom. According to Minnues, who I spoke to briefly at the April 14th Board of Education Candidates Forum at Harmony School, Brightbill’s decision to step down from the Township Committee was a complete shock. She had told me that she speaks to Pam Brightbill often and had just spoken to her the day before the announcement and Pam gave her no indication of her desire to step down, It was a little out of left field.
So was this a last minute personal decision by our two-time Deputy Mayor in order for her to spend more time with her family and other endeavors or something more?
Those of us that have been keeping an eye on Town Hall have speculated privately for some time that Pam Brightbill was on the way out.
Her frequent meltdowns on the dais are legendary and her arrogant, self-serving display in front of the audience for the February 16th Library Board of Trustees meeting, where she squealed her dismay at board members for not sending her emails or keeping her “in the loop”, when it was her that had appointed many of them to their positions, made many mouths drop wide open in disbelief through out the audience that night, didn’t help matters.
But what really started the speculation flying about Brightbill was her near total meltdown during Committee Comments back at the September 20th, 2010 Township Committee meeting (audio below). At that meeting, she vented angrily at Township Administrator Tony Mercantante, for his lack of follow-up on many issues along with a total lack of communication between Mercantante, the Townships Committee and other various boards and commissions that she was serving on.
That type of public outburst between an elected Middletown GOP Township Committee member and a fellow Middletown GOP appointed official, must have caused just as much disbelief in the rank and file Republicans as it did to those us on the other side. After all, it’s a cardinal sin to air dirty laundry out to dry in front of the public, in such a manner.
I think it was becoming evident to the leaders of the Middletown Republican Party that Pam Brightbill was becoming a problem to them and they wanted her off the ticket before she caused any real damage to their chances of winning this year’s election.

The audio clip from the September meeting (above), runs 17 minutes long. It is fascinating to hear the desperate tone in Brightbill’s voice when she is reprimanding/pleading with Administrator Tony Mercantante for better communication while discussing many other issues haphazardly thrown in.


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>Red Bank’s Ed Zipprich and Juanita Lewis announce their plans to run for reelection

>Posted from Redbank-Shrewsbury

Red Bank Council Members Ed Zipprich and Juanita Lewis announced their candidacies for reelection to the borough council at a recent celebration of Red Bank’s 103rd birthday.

The reception, held Sunday at the Red Bank home of Zipprich and his longtime partner JP Niccolaides, drew more than 100 supporters from across Monmouth County, including the borough’s other council members, Mayor Pasquale Menna, and other county officials.

County Freeholder Amy Mallet championed the accomplishments of both Zipprich and Lewis, lauding them for presenting balanced budgets in consecutive years for the borough. She encouraged them to remain focuses on their record of fiscal responsibility and commitment to Red Bank’s community and future prosperity.

Lewis said she looked forward to continuing the commitment she and Zipprich made to the people in Red Bank when they were elected in 2008.

“We will continue to work on issues that affect our town’s families and stand by our pledge for greater transparency and accountability in our town’s government.”

Zipprich said that the borough’s council doesn’t always see eye to eye, but that’s a positive quality in local government. And, as the only African American and openly gay candidates running for borough council this year, “Juanita and I love this town and proudly represent the diversity here.”

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>Fundraiser to Re-Elected Senate Majority Leader Barbara Buono,March 24th in Spring Lake




Senate Majority Leader Barbara Buono

Co-Hosted by:

· Newark City Councilman Ronald C. Rice

· Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty

· Bradley Beach Mayor Julie Shreck

· Lake Como Mayor Michael Ryan

· Spring Lake Heights Mayor Fran Enright

· Belmar Democratic Chairman Luis Pulido

· Red Bank Democratic Chairman Ed Zipprich

· Wall Democratic Chairman Eric Brophy

· Asbury Park Democratic Chair Amy Quinn

· Spring Lake Democrat Chair Tom Byrne

·Spring Lake Councilwoman Janice Venables

· Michael Murphy, Esq.

· Ms. Jackie Cornell Bechelli

· Mr. Justin Braz

Supporter: $50

Friend: $100

Co-Host: $250

Please make checks payable to the ‘Election Fund of Barbara Buono’

RSVP to Vin Gopal · 732-299-5625

Szeliga Home

424 Mercer Avenue

Spring Lake, NJ 07762

Thursday, March 24th 2011

6:30pm to 8:30pm


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>Freeholder Amy Mallet’s Re-Election Kickoff


You are cordially invited to attend

Freeholder Amy Mallet’s Re-Election Kickoff
w/ Special Guest
Senate Majority Leader Barbara Buono
Marlboro Mayor Jon Hornik
Chairman Victor Scudiery
Hon. John D’Amico
Marlboro Council President Frank LaRocca
Holmdel Committeeman Larry Fink
Red Bank Councilman Ed Zipprich
Red Bank Councilwoman Kathy Horgan
Neptune Committeeman Randy Bishop
Manalapan Committeewoman Michelle Roth
Wall Township Democratic Chairman Eric Brophy
Bradley Beach Mayor Julie Shreck
Ray Santiago, Esq.
Sean F. Byrnes, Esq.
Jonathan Lomurro, Esq.
Mr. John Amberg
Mr. Chuck Fallon
Mr. Justin Braz
Bella Vista Country Club
100 School Road East
Marlboro, NJ

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011
6:00pm to 8:00pm
Tickets: $75
Sponsorship: $300
Please make checks payable to ‘Friends of Amy Mallet’
RSVP to Vin Gopal or 732-299-5625

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Developing News: 22 Indictments Coming In Essex

The website New Jersey Newsroom has announced to it’s contributing members via Facebook, that a very reliable source says 22 new corruption indictments are coming in Essex soon, but they are unable to confirm it as of yet.

The New Jersey Newsroom is asking anyone who may have additional leads to send them to

Could this be more bad news for Governor Corzine and another black-eye for the great State of New Jersey or just a rumor floated by a Chris Christie supporter looking to stir up more trouble for the Corzine’09 campaign? It all depends on who the individuals are that may be arrested and indicted during this latest round of corruption busting. It will also be an important factor as to whether or not they are Democrats or Republicans.
Stay tuned for further developments !

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President Barack Obama says he is ‘confident’ Gov. Corzine can win re-election

by Josh Margolin/Statehouse Bureau
Wednesday June 24, 2009

WASHINGTON — President Obama today said he is confident Gov. Jon Corzine will be re-elected this fall, though he is well aware of the tough political climate in which Corzine is running for a second term.

“I think very highly of Jon Corzine. I think he’s a terrific public servant,” the president said during a White House interview with a handful of newspaper reporters from around the country. “I’m confident that he can win re-election. I don’t think it’s surprising that he may have a significant challenge.”

Listen to audio of President Obama answer a question on Gov. Corzine and his re-election campaign

For his part, Corzine traveled around the country last year to campaign for Obama — after first supporting Obama’s Democratic presidential primary opponent, Hillary Clinton. New Jersey Democrats view Obama and his rock-star popularity as one of the key elements in their plans to turn the governor’s sagging approval ratings into an Election Day victory in November.
The other main ingredient is Corzine’s personal wealth, which the governor has tapped for previous campaigns and could conceivably bury the Republicans in an avalanche of television advertising from New York City to Philadelphia.

After serving with Obama in the U.S. Senate, Corzine ran for governor in 2005. In the fall election, Corzine is facing popular Republican Chris Christie, who made a name for himself prosecuting corrupt government officials as New Jersey’s chief federal lawman.

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Quote of The Day

“I think very highly of Jon Corzine. I think he’s a terrific public servant,” the president said during a White House interview with a handful of newspaper reporters from around the country. “I’m confident that he can win re-election. I don’t think it’s surprising that he may have a significant challenge.”

President Obama answers a reporters question during yesterdays White House press conference, concerning New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine’s re-election.

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Short To Seek Re-Election To Middletown Committee

While attending Monmouth County Democratic Mini-Convention earlier today, I had the opportunity to  ask Middletown  Committeeman Patrick Short, if he was indeed going seek re-election to the township committee.
Patrick Short look at me, with big ol’ smile on his face and said “was there any doubt?”
Well no Mr. Short, I never doubted you for a minute. I always knew that you were going run again. It’s been a lot of fun watching others ponder and speculate about your future.
Committeeman Short said that there should be a statement issued soon to confirm his intentions to seek another term on the townships governing body and that he looks forward to running against Republican Steve Massel in the fall.    

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Will Short Seek Re-Election In Middletown?

Will Democrat Patrick Short seek re-election this year to the Middletown Township Committee?That seems to be the question to over at MoreMonmouthMusings.
Evidently Art Gallagher ran into Mr. Short at last nights Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce’s Meet the Mayors event last night and asked him if he had intentions to seek re-election.
According to Art, Short left open the possibility of not running for re-election.
In his post, Art gave some very nice background to his readers about Short’s previous victory and some useful suggestions for Short to consider before seeking re-election, which was surprising considering how anti- Middletown Dems Art Gallagher is.    
If you ask me however, I think that Short was just messing a bit with Gallagher. Short knows Gallagher’s history  so why enlighten him on his intentions?
I have never heard Patrick Short directly say anywhere that he was not going to seek re-election. By keeping people guessing as to his intention, it has lead to wide scale speculations from his Middletown GOP adversaries.
I happen to think that Short will be running again.
With that in mind, like Art Gallagher, I am attaching a poll to my blog to see what others feel about whether or not Patrick Short will seek re-election.   

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McMorrow To Seek Re-Election In Monmouth

Making front page headlines today in the Asbury Park Press is the story that Freeholder Director Barbara McMorrow, will be seeking re-election to her seat on the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders.
Why is this such big news? Did people think that she wouldn’t seek re-election?
Anyone who has followed the Monmouth County Democrats like I have, have known for months now that McMorrow would seek re-election. It really should not have come as a surprise to anyone.
I believe that naysayers and rightwing republican bloggers out there have been floating the idea that she wouldn’t, trying to drive a wedge between McMorrow and her fellow Democrats. 
Even though Director McMorrow has been drifting closer to the right then the rest of her Democratic colleagues, seemingly causing a rift between them, nothing could be further from the truth. 
I can tell you first hand, having been to many Democratic function over the past months, Barbara McMorrow is extremely well liked and admired by Democrats in Monmouth County.
Democrats know that McMorrow will be facing a tough re-election.  Joe Oxley the Monmouth County GOP Chairman, will stop at nothing to defeat McMorrow and regain the control of the County.  Democrats in Monmouth understand this and are willing to give her some leeway in her decision making even if it seems to ruffle a few feathers.
The perceived split between McMorrow and fellow democratic colleagues John D’Amico and Amy Mallet, is not all that other want you to believe it is. This is politics and everyone understands it.  She has to take a stand against COAH and she comes across as a fiscal conservative if she is against the creation of a Solicitor General position for the county.
Barbara McMorrow is a smart and shrewd woman, who is doing what she can to be re-elected and  I think that she will be re-elected by a huge margine come November. 

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