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Have You Witnessed Any News? Have You Heard Any News? Why Not Report The News Here? Send Me Your News Stories

Seeing how Middletown Township has banned me from receiving press releases directly from the source,when and as news happens around town, insisting that I rely on secondary sources of information for posting, I figure why not ask readers, many of whom already provide me with insights of what is happening, to become reporters of news themselves.

If anyone, at anytime, witnesses or hears about anything newsworthy or informative happening in their neighborhoods, around town or the immediate areas surrounding Middletown and wants to pass along the information, I would be glad to post it hear.

After all, you the readers of the MiddletownMike blog, are the true eyes and ears of the Township (I think I heard some sitting Mayor mention the same thing at recent Township Committee meeting in reference to a particular methadone clinic).

Let me know if cars are being broken into or a home burglarized, if a local park or building has been vandalized. Anything that may be of importance to you or your community that you feel has not been adequately addressed in other local media.

The initial reason why I requested to be placed on the direct mailing list for press releases from the Middletown Police Department was because many readers of this blog were upset at not being able to find any “Police Briefs” in local publications that would mention what was happening in Middletown. They were frustrated at not reading about the car break-ins, robberies, burglaries and other incidents that were happening around them and questioned why? They felt it was some grand cover-up in order to make the town look more attractive and safer to the Money Magazines of the world, at the expense of public safety. To some extent, I would have to agree.

Through the issuance of the MTPD press releases I noticed the only information being released was after the fact. Only the names of those arrested and charged with crimes are released for publication. There is seldom if ever, any preemptive informatation or warnings issued by the MTPD to warn residents of crimes being committed in their neighborhoods. Only when the MTPD is at a loss for information or leads is a noticed or warning issued, asking for help or vigilance.

Middletown residents deserve to be better informed. If you see anything out of the ordinary happening in your neck of the woods, or wish to pass along information of an alleged incident, send it to me and I’ll post it here. If enough such posts are made I’m sure that there will be a response of some kind from the MTPD or Township officials.

Remember it’s the residents of Middletown that have their eyes and ears pinned to what’s happening around them, not the other way around.

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