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Morrill Charges Republican Candidate Murray With Unethical Campaign Lapse That Violates HUD Code Of Ethics

Richard Morrill, the Independent Candidate for Middletown Township Committee, is claiming his Republican opponent Stephanie Murray and her campaign, is ethically challenged.

Morrill and Murray are both Middletown Township Housing Authority Commissioners. While attending to his duties as a commissioner for the Housing Authority, Mr. Morrill came across Fiore & Murray campaign material being delivered to residents of both Daniel and Tomaso Towers. Both senior living towers fall under the jurisdiction U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and therefore are overseen by the Middletown Housing Authority.

According to Morrill, HUD has very strict guidelines concerning housing authority commissioners who are involved in campaigning for elected office. It is a violation of HUD’s code of ethics for any sitting housing authority commissioner to engage in any type of electioneering in HUD buildings that fall within a commissioner’s jurisdiction.

Here was how Morrill explained it in an email to me:

“Part of the job of a Housing Commissioner in Middletown is to sign checks. I am often called to sign checks during the daytime hours. Yesterday was one of those days. While signing checks at the Alice V Tomaso Plaza yesterday, I noticed political literature being delivered concerning Fiore and Murray. Ms Murray is a sitting commissioner on the Housing Board as she points out in the campaign literature, who managed to bring fiscal stability to the Authority by herself. It is unethical to campaign according to HUD at the Authority that you are a sitting commissioner.”

According to Richard Morrill this lapse of ethics could have easily been avoided by simply not sending these campaign pieces to residents of Daniel or Tomaso Towers in the first place. However he stated, “...but once again ms Murray thinks that it (the rule) does not apply to her.

He also accused Stephanie Murray of leaking confidential information from an Executive Session meeting of the Middletown Housing Authority to a close personal friend of hers, who then confronted Morrill with the information at the October 25th, Oak Hill Association’s Meet the Candidates Night.

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The Making of a Republican Candidate in Middletown…

1) Plump a bio with appointments 2) Conceal employment

by guest blogger Linda Baum

Stephanie Murray is this year’s new republican candidate for Middletown Township Committee, and, as usual, her bio touts appointments to various boards & commissions, including the Housing Authority and Zoning Board.

You might be wondering what qualifies Ms. Murray for her role on these boards. Probably nothing. She was appointed by our republican-run Town Committee for only one reason, to pad her bio and fool us about her credentials. My guess is that she didn’t even have to bother filling out an application for membership, which I recently learned can be the case for appointees who are hand-picked. Ms. Murray most certainly took the spots deserved by more qualified candidates.

In fact, room was made for her on the Housing Authority in January 2010 by bumping the then Vice Chair of the board, a highly regarded, dedicated individual with a real estate background who, unfortunately, is not a registered republican. The former Vice Chair had also successfully completed the five courses required for Housing Authority board membership. It’s not clear if Ms. Murray has. She had 18 months from the date of her appointment to do so, which means she should have completed the requirements by July 2011. I’ve been told that if the deadline is not met, past practice has been to promptly terminate board membership. However, per the Department of Community Affairs, that decision is left to the discretion of the Housing Authority Chairperson, another member of Middletown’s republican party.

Ms. Murray was added to the Zoning Board in January 2011, but as a 3rd alternate, not a regular member. As a 3rd alternate member, she has voting rights only on those rare occasions when more than one member of the Zoning Board cannot attend a meeting.

Another detail that Ms. Murray has failed to reveal to the public about her background is that she writes fantasies under a pen name and has for many years. Her skill at story-telling should serve her well in toeing the party line.

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The following is a statement issues by 11th District Democratic Senate Candidate Ray Santiago in response to a July 3rd Courier Post news report that incumbent Senator Jennifer Beck will flip her position on marriage equality:

“News this weekend that Senator Beck will now support marriage equality after voting against it when all of New Jersey was watching is not shocking to anyone who has followed Beck’s career as a professional politician. She now faces a district which includes Asbury Park, Ocean Grove & other LGBT friendly areas – a new district which has 10,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans – therefore, it should come as no surprise that Senator Beck is flipping her position only due to politics.

The reality is that New Jersey taxpayers are tired of hypocritical, professional politicians who change their positions based on the political climate. Republicans, Democrats and all New Jerseyians should be tired of politicians who play the public. It is not like the Senator opposed marriage equality because it is in her belief system, it was simply due to the politics of a new district.This is an issue of human rights and Senator Beck plays politics – She voted against marriage equality not once, but twice – once in the judiciary committee and a second time on the floor of the senate and now because of a new district, she claims she supports it.

When it mattered most and the world was watching, Senator Beck decided to appease Chris Christie and her Tea Party base. All New Jerseyians who support human rights and full marriage equality for all of our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community will see through Beck’s incredible hypocrisy.

I have and always will support full marriage equality for all New Jerseyians and 11th district residents can be assured that I will not change my position based on politics. Marriage equality is a human rights issue which I will fight day and night for until it becomes law. It is a sad day to see a New Jersey state senator play politics on an issue of human rights.”

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13th District Assembly Race Up For Grabs; Poll Shows Brown Up On Thompson, Within Striking Distance of Handlin

It seems as though an upset is in the making in the 13th legislative district, according to a recent poll.

According to this poll, Democratic challenger Robert “Bob” Brown, has opened a commanding lead over Republican incumbent Sam Thompson and it has the Thompson/Handlin campaign scrambling for last minute cash to flood mailboxes throughout the district with campaign literature. Thompson/Handlin campaign signs have also been flooding the area within the past 24 hours since the results of the poll has been know to the campaign.

Both men, Brown and Thompson reside in Middlessex’s Old Bridge Township, and it is in Old Bridge where Thompson has lost a significant portion of his base to Bob Brown.

Brown in the mean time, has also been polling very strong throughout the rest of the district, thanks inpart to two major endorsments by the Newark Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine and NJ 101.5 Morning Show host Jim Gearhart:

Paul Mulshine said…. “Bob Brown is the sole democrat worth a damn in this state…..” (October 19, 2009)

Jim Gearhart added “I endorse Bob Brown completely” (Oct. 22,2009)
Thanks to these endorsements Brown is also within striking distance of the other incumbant in the race, Amy Handlin. And what makes this poll even more eye opening is that Brown’s coattails seem to be extending towards his running mate Jim Grenafege, who is also within striking distance of Thompson.
You can learn more about both Bob Brown and Jim Grenafege by watching their campaign video’s (below) or by logging onto their website

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Letter: Who Is This GOP Puppet In Middletown ?

Driving around town, I can’t help noticing the large white-and-blue campaign signs promoting the Republican candidate for Township Committee. Being curious, I decided to look into who this person actually is.

I come to find out that he is just another puppet of Republican Party Chairman Peter Carton. He is currently serving as an appointed member of the Planning Board. His father is the former appointed judge in town and his brother is currently the appointed prosecutor. He is looking to continue the family legacy. He appears to be just another political insider tied to the good ol’ boy network that this town has been trying to relieve itself of.

He advertises that he puts taxpayers first, when his party is responsible for increasing taxes 16 percent over the past three years for the very same taxpayers that he claims to put first. Does he realize that his opponent, Patrick Short, has consistently voted to cut our taxes and has never voted to raise our taxes? Perhaps he is confusing parties.

Short and Byrnes always bring solutions to the table to fix problems. The Republican Party has ruled Middletown for over 30 years and has a record of ignoring our problems, putting the party chairman and his cronies first. Choosing to ignore the flooding in the Bayshore for the last 30 years is a prime example. The local GOP leaders feed their chairman all of the town’s bond business, totaling $84 million and counting.

Their candidate is in need of a larger coat because his strings are showing. It is only with Pat Short that this town will continue to have oversight and a more open government, which is why I am throwing my vote to him. The people of Middletown need true representation, not just another body to fall in lockstep with the party line.

Marilyn Tuohy
Port Monmouth

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Best Quote of the Day, From Yesterday

“The facts surrounding the freeze versus layoff issue belie Sheriff Guadagno’s claim that she is the rare elected official who hasn’t backed down from the public-employee unions,”… Guadagno “essentially sabotaged the county’s plan as it related to the unions within the Sheriff’s Office,”.

Monmouth County Freeholder Jonh D’Amico quoted in the Asbury Park Press about Monmouth County Sheriff / Republican Lt. Governor candidate, Kim Guadagno and her efforts to undermine negotiations with county union members.

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New Jersey’s GOP Primary: Lonegan Isn’t Christie’s Biggest Problem

By Bill Pascoe , CQ politics

With five weeks left until Primary Election Day, the Republican gubernatorial primary in New Jersey just kicked into high gear.

But are the rival campaigns — and GOP primary voters — overlooking the most salient data?

Is Jon Corzine — who just registered the highest-ever job disapproval ratings on record for a New Jersey Governor — nevertheless on a glide path to reelection?

Political New Jersey has been aflutter since last Wednesday, when the release of two new surveys — one by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, and one by Strategic Vision — focused attention on the threat posed to establishment Republican frontrunner Chris Christie by conservative challenger Steve Lonegan.

Quinnipiac has a long history of polling in New Jersey.

Quinnipiac, as it always has, told us how the poll was conducted, including telling us the size of the subsample of likely GOP voters.

Strategic Vision, by contrast, didn’t tell us what was the size of the subsample of GOP voters, or tell us whether the survey respondents were screened for a likelihood to vote.

Consequently, most campaign veterans — at least those who aren’t already on the Christie campaign payroll — focused on the Quinnipiac numbers.

That Quinnipiac survey indicated that the GOP gubernatorial primary was a lot tighter than most people had believed it to be.

According to that survey, Christie’s lead over Lonegan was a mere 9 points, at 46-37 percent, among the subsample of 486 likely GOP primary voters.

Read more >>> Here

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MiddletownMike Has The Chris Christie Interview

I have it!  After working many long hours trying to secure an interview with Republican Candidate for Governor, Chris Christie, I finally have. It is a stunning piece of video that no one should miss.

Chris Christie answers the questions about running for Governor in New Jersey and about the important issues facing the state.

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