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New Rule For Those Wishing To Leave Comments – No Profanity

I think that I have been rather lenient over the past year, allowing many comments to be left on blog entries that have been a bit off-color and at times personally vindictive.
I know that there are a few individuals, some of whom I know and others that I don’t, who are very passionate about a subject and tend to become frustrated at times with some of the nonsense that a handful of others post, but to lower yourself to a level where you feel it necessary curse and call others names, doesn’t reflect well on the other readers of this blog or myself for allowing it to be posted.
I want readers to leave comments but I don’t want them to feel that if they have a difference of opinion from myself or others that they will be ridiculed or have profanities thrown at them.
I want to remind people to stay on point to a certain degree and use appropriate language. No Profanity!
The No Profanity rule goes for myself also, there have been a few times in the past where I have been just as guilty of others and I will adhere to the rule in the future as well (but of course I reserve the right to break it when I feel necessary).
So moving forward from this day on, I will not post any comments that contain any tirades that uses profanity or off-color remarks directed towards others.
I consider everyone who posts comments to the blog to be intelligent (to a certain degree) and I value their participation. I am not looking to run anyone off or ban anyone from posting, I just want the comments to remain on an adult and constructive level.
Leave the childish name calling for the school yard (no wait, maybe not, that would be bullying, better just not to name call at all) and express yourselves without so much animosity towards others.
Now let’s move on…

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