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>Congratulations To Rush Holt And Frank Pallone for Kicking Ass And Taking No Prisoners

>Congratulations go out to Congressman Rush Holt for his victory at the polls yesterday. It was a hard fought victory that I wasn’t sure he was going to win but he pulled it out with 55% of the total vote.

I don’t think his challenger Scott Sipprelle, knew what hit him in the end after crushing Holt in Monmouth County with over 60% of the Monmouth voters supporting him.
I am proud today to still be able to boast, that my Congressman is a Rocket Scientist!

I also wish to congratulate Congressman Frank Pallone on his huge defeat of Tea Partier Anna Little and her “army” of of over zealous wingnuts, who often confronted individuals that they perceived to be supporting anyone other than Anna Little. I heard a number of stories from people that were confronted and harassed by Little supporter at train stations through out the 6th District, that type of behavior by campaign supporters should not be tolerated by any candidate, at any time.

Pallone easily routed Little and her army and walked away from the battlefield that was the 6th congressional district with 55% – 43% margin of victory, even though he too lost Monmouth County.
Both the Holt and Pallone victories should be held up to all those that doubted their resolve or chances at winning their races, they both stood by their records and were rewarded for it. Many of those that lost races yesterday should have taken a page from the Holt or Pallone handbook by standing firmly in front of what they believed in, instead of trying to hide behind or blame others.


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>Support Holt At Today’s Debate

>Please come out and show your support for Congressman Holt this Monday at his second debate with his Republican opponent. We are expecting them to bring a significant number of people so it is imperative we have a good crowd to show how many people are truly behind Congressman Holt’s message and record. Tickets are first come first serve, so I would recommend arriving between 5:30-6:00. If you need a ride we can try to organize transportation, please let me know and invite whomever you want. Debate details are below and attached.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Justin Braz
Team Holt

Debate at Young Israel East Brunswick: October 18, 2010 Doors Open at 6:30
193 Dunhams Corner Rd., East Brunswick, NJ

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>Holt or Sipprelle? Look (and learn) before you leap

>The following Op-Ed appeared in the Times of Trenton yetserday and was posted on

When we get frustrated, we get cranky. And when we get cranky, we sometimes do stupid things that wind up hurting us. We’re on the verge of that right now.

Washington frustrates everyone at the moment. And so, the mood in the electorate is: “Throw out all those bums in Washington — get rid of the whole bunch!” This makes it a bad time to be an incumbent, and a fine time to be a challenger offering simplistic nostrums that appeal to cranky people who are not thinking clearly.

But each campaign is still a choice between two individuals, not between “the incumbents” and “the challengers.” Depending on which of the two individual candidates the voters in each district and state send to Congress, voters’ frustration will either swell or diminish in the years that follow.

In New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District, the choice between those two individuals could not possibly be more stark, so voters here could not possibly have a greater duty to understand the profound differences between them.

One is a legislator respected on both sides of the aisle, the other a man who made millions on Wall Street. Looking at their respective positions on critical issues, it is apparent that their personal life experiences shape their perspectives and policies. Challenger Scott Sipprelle is a super-smart financier who amassed an enormous fortune and aims to sustain both his own wealth and that of others who have figured out how to get rich. Incumbent Rep. Rush Holt, D-Hopewell, is a super-smart scientist who studies the interconnections between cause and effect in our society and aims to ensure that sound-bite solutions don’t bite us back. A few examples illustrate these differences:

Rep. Holt has been a driving force in Congress to establish an agency dedicated to protecting consumers from the kinds of flimsy “investments” that proved so deceptive even professional financiers got snookered, wreaking havoc with the U.S. economy and American families from coast to coast. Scott Sipprelle opposes this protection and thinks consumers who invest should fend for themselves.

Rush Holt insists on fiscal responsibility through congressional adherence to the pay-as-you-go (“PayGo”) legislation passed during the Clinton administration, which balances any new expenditure with commensurate cuts and/or new revenues. Scott Sipprelle favors the Bush tax policy of breaks for the very rich and for corporations. PayGo brought about a balanced budget, while the Bush policies created calamitous debts and deficits. Extending breaks for the very rich will add $700 billion more debt for our children to pay off.

Rush Holt has worked to strengthen Medicare, which provides the most cost-effective health care in the U.S. He realizes that there are certain times — maybe not a lot, but some — when the federal government is actually more efficient and wiser than private industry. Meanwhile, Scott Sipprelle thinks that our trillions of dollars in Social Security should now be handed over to Wall Street financiers — the same folks whose feckless derivative vehicles and reckless manipulations have brought the U.S. to the brink of a second Great Depression.

Rush Holt sees that American schools are in serious trouble and understands the implications for sapping our global competitiveness, not to mention stunting the lives of ill-educated individuals. So he is supporting strong initiatives to improve schools’ science and math programs. Scott Sipprelle reportedly would abolish the Department of Education….

Read More >>> Here

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>Sipprelle a no-show on Project Vote Smart’s Political Courage Test

>Here is an interesting piece of information about the Republican 12th Congressional District Candidate Scott Sipprelle, who is hoping to defeat Congressman Rush Holt this November. If you happen to live in 12th Congressional District, you might be even more interested in this information.

Scott Sipprelle either failed or refused to respond to repeated requests by Project Vote Smart–a bi-partisan voter education group dedicated to good government–to indicate his positions on a broad range of issues of importance to voters in New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District. What does he have to hide?

I looked at the question and answer pages for Rush Holt and found the questions to be rather generic, nothing out of the ordinary that make one feel that they would be hurting themselves if they answered them. Questions on abortion, health care, gun control, and spending are just a few that Project Vote Smart was asking candidates for their position on. Questions that you would think would play right into the hands of a conservative like Sipprelle. I guess he thought otherwise.

His non-response doesn’t surprise me, they way that the Republican Party has been campaigning this year, not wanting the public to know who their candidates are and blurring the lines between them and tea partyers. They just hit the media with anti-incumbant material and provide no solutions of their own.

Here is the link page for Scott Sipprelle, you’ll notice that he did not respond to any of the questions:

By contrast, Rush Holt responded promptly and fully more than a month ago to the same request, and you can see his responses in the link below:

Those that are interest and live in the 12th Congressional District want to contact Mr. Sipprelle’s office (at 609-356-0320) and ask his people why he won’t provide voters the information necessary for them to make an informed decision.

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>Rep. Holt Decries Opponent’s Call for Lowering Unemployment Benefits to Below Minimum Wage


Press Release

September 14, 2010 – 12:00pm

Opponent Believes Unemployed Lack Motivation to Find Work

TRENTON: U.S. Representative Rush Holt today decried Wall Street Hedge Fund Manager and congressional opponent Scott Sipprelle for proposing to lower unemployment benefits to below minimum wage as a means to force people to look for work. Economists recognize that unemployment benefits help not only the individuals that receive benefits but also help society at large by preventing those laid off from becoming burdens on social services. Unemployment benefits also create, dollar for dollar, the greatest positive benefit on the economy in the short term.

“Essentially, Mr. Sipprelle thinks people on unemployment are making too much money,” said Representative Holt. “My opponent thinks people who lose their job won’t be motivated to look for work unless we cut their unemployment benefits to an unlivable amount. The contempt that Mr. Sipprelle has for the people he claims to want to represent is staggering.”

On July 19th of this year, Mr. Sipprelle wrote in his campaign e-newsletter that we should “set the level of unemployment benefits at a modest discount to the minimum wage so that no one receives more for not working than they do for working. This will accelerate the adjustment of laid-off workers to the reality of today’s labor markets without pulling a prop out from under the truly needy who cannot find work.”

Joining Representative Holt were Dr. Keith Dewey of Lawerenceville and Mr. Gavin Brown of Ewing, residents of the 12th district who are currently seeking full time employment. They each shared their own individual story with regard to unemployment and benefits, discussing how they have been actively seeking work and do not need a reduction in benefits to motivate them.

Many of the nation’s leading economists have stressed the importance of unemployment benefits and how they actually stimulate economic growth. Mark Zandi, economic advisor to John McCain and Chief Economist for Moody’s, stated earlier this year that, “No form of the fiscal stimulus has proved more effective during the past two years than emergency UI benefits, providing a bang for the buck of 1.61—that is, for every $1 in UI benefits, GDP one year later is increased by an estimated $1.61…”[i]

Zandi has also pointed out that “…UI benefits are among the most potent forms of economic stimulus available…Most unemployed workers spend their benefits immediately; and without such extra help, laid-off workers and their families have little choice but to slash their spending. The loss of benefits is debilitating not only for unemployed workers, but also for friends, family, and neighbors who may have been providing financial help themselves.” (See Blinder and Zandi paper “How the Great Recession was Brought to an End at

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman has stated that “Helping the unemployed, by putting money in the pockets of people who badly need it, helps support consumer spending. That’s why the Congressional Budget Office rates aid to the unemployed as a highly cost-effective form of economic stimulus.”[ii]

Heather Boushey, Senior Economist for the Center for American Progress, has stated that “…These benefits help unemployed workers and their families cope with abruptly lost incomes until they can find a new job while also aiding the economic recovery by helping families maintain spending in their communities, which in turn preserves jobs for employed Americans…”[iii]

Representative Holt also discussed his efforts to assist those on unemployment and create jobs. These include introducing the Online Job Training Act (H.R. 146) to bolster the availability of home-based training programs, supporting the enactment of up to 99 weeks of unemployment benefits for 3.5 million Americans – 230,000 New Jersey residents – who are looking for work and who have exhausted their 26 weeks of regular unemployment benefits, and supporting $40 million to help workers enter careers in emerging green industries.

For more information regarding Representative Rush Holt and his fight for the people of the 12th district, please call 609-799-0800 or log on to


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>Holt Campaign Video : Dream

>Congressman Rush Holt yesterday released his first campaign video of the year. It attacks his opponent Scott Sipprelle for being a Wall Street insider who favors tax cuts for the rich while opposing the minimum wage and equal pay for women.

It’s a good first effort on the part of the Holt campaign,sutle yet hard hitting. It matches Rush’s style to a tee.

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