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>It’s Official As Far As I’m Concerned; I’m Done Shoveling!

>It’s only taken 4 days, but as far as I’m concerned, I am done with shoveling. The last bit of snow that need to be shoveled was covering the sidewalks in front of my house.

It took about two hours to shovel close to 3oo hundred feet of sidewalk, but it is now over and done with until the next storm, which I hope wont be anytime soon.
Status report on the condition of the streets through out my neighborhood is that the streets are doing better. It now seems that the town snow plows have gone through the streets of the development at least once. I am hoping that they can make it back for a second pass soon, there is still an awful lot of snow that needs to be pushed off to the side in order to widen roads for safer passage.

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