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>Sign Of The Times… Opiate Addiction Ruining Your Life?


(Photo by MiddletownMike)

While driving home from work this afternoon, I noticed for the first time the billboard above.
The billboard is locate on Hwy 35 south in Sayreville, just before going over the Cheesequake drawbridge.
I drive home this way each and everyday and until today I have not seen it before, which leads me to believe that this sign recently went up, more than likely over the past few days.
So if there are any questions about where potential clients of the Middletown Methadone clinic may be coming from, it is a very good assumption that many could be coming from the Middlesex County area and beyond, not just from the immediate surrounds.
( If anyone has noticed this sign before this afternoon let me know, I am curious about how much of a daze I must be in while coming home from work each day, not to have noticed it sooner )


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