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>FYI – I Just Got Home From Work And My Streets Have Not Been Plowed Yet.

>I just pulled into the driveway a short while ago after working all night, why is it that I am not surprised to see that none of the streets in my neighborhood have been touched by a snow plow?

I thought that Gerry Scharfenberger issued a statement saying that by midnight of last night the goal was to have at least all the streets in town plowed at least once?
So far the only street that looks like it had been touched overnight was Main St., which is a thoroughfare and should have been plowed and salted to being with for safety purposes.
Like most of what Gerry declares, his statement was nothing more than a blast hot air, but unfortunately for residents, that hot air can’t be used to plow or melt all the snow in the streets.


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>Tuesday 12/28/10 @ 12:10 PM – Still No Snow Plows!

>Well, it’s Tuesday afternoon and there still has been no snowplows that have come down my local streets.

I took a few pictures of what some of the streets look like, it isn’t pretty and could be considered a safety hazard if anyone happened to become sick or disabled or if there were a some other kind of emergency like a fire.
As I was walking taking pictures, I stopped to talk to a couple of neighbors, each of whom expressed concerns over the condition of the roads, not just in the neighborhood, but all around town. One neighbor even mentioned that a friend of his that works for the Township, told him that the DPW sent people home last night ~ 3:00am because they didn’t want to pay anymore overtime to the people plowing the streets. If that is true, than the person who made that decision needs to get over here himself and start plowing these streets.

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>I Find It Hard To Believe, Where Are All The Snowplows?

>That this last blizzard of 2010 took anyone one by surprise. It had been the talk of all the local weatherman for days leading up to Christmas, they all said that it was going to be a big one, at least 12 inches or more.

So after spending a better part of the day shoveling out my cars (yes I said shoveling, because the fuel line ruptured on the snow thrower), I took one of the cars around the corner just to see how things were. I was astonished to find that not one of the streets in my neighborhood had been plowed! Where are the snowplows!
Many cars look as if they were stuck after neighbors pulled them out of the driveways, in order to clear them and were then unable to get them back in. I myself almost got stuck around the corner from my house before I was able to make it back safely to my driveway.
And if you think the streets and peoples driveways are a problem, then you might as well forget about sidewalks getting cleared anytime soon. If the clean up after this storm is like the last blizzard that hit back in February, once trucks make it out, they will be running so fast down each street that the snow flying off their plows will be thrown-up onto the sidewalks, making it almost impossible for residents to clear.
I understand that Middletown got hit pretty hard with this storm, by all accounts nearly 21 inches of snow fell around town, but unlike other storms that hit earlier this year plow trucks were on the road most of the night and day clearing streets. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen it like this.
Was there no money left in this years budget to cover snow removal expenses after making such big deal about how $900K had to be added to the 2010 budget for winter storms that hit January and February? After all, whatever the cost of the clean-up of this storm winds up being, it will be rolled into the 2011 budget anyway, so why not get all available crews out there plowing and clearing streets like was done earlier in the year. It couldn’t have been a lack of contractors available because I witnessed over a dozen of them driving up and down Main Street looking for work.
The next time I see one of them I think I will have them stop.
(The picture above was taken from an upstairs window earlier this morning, but it doesn’t do justice to what it actually looks like on the ground)


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