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Freeholder Amy Mallet; Brookdale Board of Trustees Needs Turnover

11/3/11 –

Today the Asbury Park Press printed an editorial titled “No New Terms for Two Trustees“. They were referring to the fact that two individuals on the Board of Trustees at Brookdale Community College have terms that are expiring soon. It is up to the Board of Chosen Freeholders to renew their terms for another four years or choose to replace them with other candidates.

It is my position to replace all members of the board who allowed the rubber stamping of contracts and budgets to pass with such minimal review. Freeholder Burry sees it differently… and her point of view is described by the APP as “mystifying”. Quoting directly from the press:
Burry said, “It’s so easy to get emotional and say, ‘throw all the bums out.’ That’s not emotion. That is simply common sense.”

Common sense also tells us that Freeholder Burry is not looking out for the best interests of Monmouth County. Until recently the attorney who represented Brookdale was, at the same time, Freeholder Burry’s campaign treasurer. It’s clear where her allegiance is… mine is to the people of Monmouth County.

I have been promoting term limits for Monmouth County’s seven autonomous boards, including Brookdale’s Board of Trustees. There are many organizations from churches to Girl Scouts to hospitals that have term limits for their boards. It promotes a healthy turnover and fresh ideas… it is simply common sense!

With the election coming this Tuesday, November 8, I hope you remember this when you go to the polls. Please cast your votes for my running mate, Bill Shea, and me so we can stand up for your needs. We put “People Before Politics”!

Freeholder Amy Mallet

p.s. If you would like to see the editorial click here.

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Board Appointments Lead to Term Limits Debate Among Freeholders; Freeholder Amy Mallet voted against the reappointment of a Board of Health member.

Written by Jacklyn Corley, Manalapan Patch

The Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders appointed members to county boards during Thursday’s regular meeting in Freehold.

On the Mental Health Board, Helene Kalkay, of Holmdel, and Sally Pari, of Morganville, were reappointed to three-year terms; David Stout, of Wall, was reappointed to a one-year term; and Ian Nussbaum, of Little Silver, was appointed to a two-year term.

On the Board of Health, June Counterman, of Roosevelt, and Judy Thorpe, of Freehold, were reappointed to three-year terms.

Freeholder Amy Mallet, who has advocated term limits for county boards, voted against Counterman’s reappointment.

“My concern is the consecutive numbers of years served, and in this situation it’s since 1978. Someone can serve for as long as 10, 12 years, but after that I’d like to see more rotation,” Mallet said.

She noted that her vote was not a reflection of Counterman’s work, which she characterized as excellent, but was merely consistent with her position on term limits.

Freehold Lillian Burry said the county’s Board of Health was in dire need of members and has difficulty reaching a quorum to hold meetings. The board currently has a vacancy for a term that ended June 30.

“Here we’re proposing to take a very dedicated, hardworking member and saying ‘Thank you for your service. We’re going to give you the golden handshake, but we don’t need your services anymore.’ And now we’re down another person on the Board of Health. It just defies logic,” Burry said.

All other appointments were approved unanimously.

Read more….Here

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>Sign The Petition Calling For Term Limits For Members of Monmouth County Boards and Commissions

>A petition in support of establishing term limits for members of Monmouth County’s independent Boards and Commissions as proposed by Freeholder Amy Mallet is making the rounds.

Establishing term limits is an idea long over due, for the life of me I don’t understand how Freeholder Mallett’s colleagues on the Board of Chosen Freeholders can be opposed to implementing them after what has gone on around the County over the past several years.
It shouldn’t matter if board or commission members serve voluntarily or not, no one should sit on a board for nearly 50 years like some will be doing once their current terms expire. It leads to graft, corruption and complacency.

The petition states:

That the recent events at Brookdale Community College, which revealed a disturbing lack of financial oversight, occurred during the tenure of a Chair and Vice Chair of that Board of Trustees who have enjoyed terms of 23 and 16 years, respectively.The fifty-six (56) volunteer members of our county’s seven (7) Boards recommend policy, oversee budgets, make purchasing decisions, become involved with contracting and hiring, and generally oversee the operation of programs and services that spend tens of millions of taxpayer dollars. They are not elected and most residents have little understanding of, or access to, how they carry out their responsibilities. The Board of Freeholders appoints Board members and frequently allows them to serve for decades.

This petition advocates for the rotation of these important Board members. Term limits are set policy for many professional and business boards. Shorter terms promote more objectivity, creativity and accountability while lessening the chances of complacency. Freeholder Amy Mallet has proposed a Resolution to be voted on by her fellow Freeholders that would establish such term limits. By signing this Petition you are expressing your support for this Resolution which limits Board members to terms that do not exceed 10-12 consecutive years. You will also be taking a significant step toward increasing the accountability of these Boards and the likelihood that their members will carry out their duties in the best interests of the citizens of Monmouth County.

To sign the petition click >>> Here

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>Monmouth Freeholder Amy Mallet Comments On Birdsall Resignation From Brookdale Board of Trustees

>I am grateful to Howard Birdsall for his service to Monmouth County and Brookdale Community College. I called for his resignation in February and I applaud him for having the good sense to do the right thing. During his term the school realized positive change; but as we are all well aware, problems with accountability also occurred. These problems are largely due to complacency that I believe can be a common consequence of 23 years on the board. This resignation is a start, but in order to realize a new era of accountability more change must take place. I feel that the co-chair, Mr. Elkes, should consider resigning as he has also served for more than 15 years.

In addition, my colleagues on the Freeholder Board need to take my call for term limits on this and other boards seriously. There is overwhelming support from the public for rotation on these semi-autonomous bodies, and my office has received numerous resumes from residents interested in serving.
I have also called for the resignation of John Cantalupo, the attorney who serves as general counsel for Brookdale. His role in drafting the perquisite laden contract of the former President demonstrates a lack of good judgment. Brookdale Community College is a fine institution and the students, staff and alumni deserve finely tuned representation.

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>Freeholder Mallet Comments on Blog Posting, "…Limit Terms Of Volunteer Squashed By Opposition"

>Monmouth County Freeholder Amy Mallett just so happens to be a reader of this blog as well as personal friend. She sent me the following comment via email yesterday after reading Saturday’s post, Monmouth Freeholder Mallet’s Proposal To Limit Terms Of Volunteer Squashed By Opposition. After expressing her gratitude for the post she added:

…Their opposition to this is clearly an insult to the people of Monmouth County. The allegiance here is to the many personal and political ties with those on these boards. Checking attendance records and closer scrunity at reappointments is not adequate. Many have served for decades, and some are appointed based on political patronage. Regardless, turnover is healthy and practiced for a reason by many professional boards.

What also needs to be addressed is that these autonomous agencies have spending authority, and are responsible for millions of tax dollars. They make the decisions on hiring as we recently read about with the recent library hire, spending such as choice of vendors, policy as in the parks commission and the list goes on and on….

Thank you Freeholder Mallet for your kind words towards myself and the blog in your email response. You’re doing a great job representing the tax payers of Monmouth County by being a watchdog over those that would rather watch out for their political cronies rather than the tax payers they’re suppose to represent.


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>Monmouth Freeholder Mallet’s Proposal To Limit Terms Of Volunteer Squashed By Opposition


According to the Asbury Park Press, Monmouth County Freeholder Amy Mallet, the lone Democrat on the Freeholder Board, proposed a resolution at Thursday’s worship meeting that would have placed 10 -12 year term limits on those that serve voluntarily on various County boards, commissions and authorities. Her reasoning behind this resolution was to provide “fresh ideas” and eliminate complacency on boards that have fiduciary control over county programs and services, the APP reported.

Her proposal was voted by the four Republican members of the Freeholder board for various reason, none of which, in my opinion hold much salt.
Why should members that have sat on boards or commissions for up to 33 years be “grandfathered” and allowed to sit upwards to another 12 year before having to leave, as Freeholder John Curley argued when he opposed the measure?
I think Mallet is on target here and her measure should be debated, refined and eventually implemented to one degree or another. It makes sense, but of course, because it makes sense it has no chance of being passed by the Republican dominated Freeholder Board.
Here is a snippet of the APP’s article:
A resolution that would have created term limits for volunteers who serve on Monmouth County’s autonomous boards and commissions was squashed by the freeholder board’s Republican majority.

Freeholder Amy Mallet, the lone Democrat, posted a resolution for consideration at Thursday’s workshop that would prohibit volunteers from serving more than 10 or 12 years at a time, depending on the length of their term. She argued that a rotating membership is critical to provide “fresh ideas” and eliminate complacency on boards that have fiduciary control over county programs and services.

“This is a good start to making the necessary systemic changes,” Mallet said, adding that she drafted the resolution in response to the recent Brookdale Community College scandal over the former president’s generous benefits package and a criminal investigation into spending irregularities within the president’s office.

But the four Republicans argued that good volunteers would be thrown out with the bad.

“I am completely opposed to this resolution,” Freeholder Lillian G. Burry said. “It’s an insult to the people who give their time and talent and are not compensated for it.”

Freeholder John Curley had expressed support for term limits before the meeting and even conceded Thursday there was public support for the measure. But he said he couldn’t vote for the resolution because the lack of a grandfather clause for sitting members nearing their limit was “too harsh.”

Freeholder Director Robert Clifton said he would have preferred each board member start from zero when they come up for re-appointment, but Mallet said that’s too long to wait for change. She insisted Friday that she will work with the Republicans on a compromise version but wasn’t immediately sure where she would bend.

Clifton stressed that what needs to be changed is how the freeholder board decides who should serve in these critical roles. Essentially, no more rubber stamping appointments.

The freeholders, he said, need to be more vigilant in scrutinizing each appointment. That means reviewing the meeting minutes, attendance records, interviewing candidates and getting recommendations from respective staff members and board chairmen.

But shouldn’t they have been doing that all along?

“There’s no excuse,” Clifton said Friday. “We are where we are, and we need to step it up. It’s more work for the freeholders, but that’s what we were elected to do.”…

You can read more >>> Here


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