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by Brophy for Sheriff on Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monmouth County Democratic Sheriff Candidate Eric Brophy today criticized Sheriff Shaun Golden’s failure to take action to halt Monmouth County Correctional Institute’s (“MCCI”) daily revenue loss of almost $30,000. The Monmouth County Sheriff has contracted with various governmental entities such as the U.S. Marshal Service, the New Jersey Department of Corrections and the U.S. Air Force to house prisoners. Monmouth County receives payment for providing this service under these Intergovernmental Agreements (“IGA’s”). MCCI averages 397 federal and state prisoners in MCCI per day.

Monmouth County receives $105 per day for federal prisoners. According to the Monmouth County Finance Department, in 2009 the average daily cost to house one prisoner at MCCI was $173.58 per day. In 2010, the estimated daily cost is $179.70 per day. Conservatively speaking, using 2009 numbers, MCCI is losing $68.58 per day for each federal prisoner (avg 337 per day) it holds. Using these conservative numbers, the loss in revenue to Monmouth County taxpayers is $23,111.46 per day and could be as much as $25,173.90 per day. This amount doesn’t include the additional 7.5% to 12.5% of the total jail operating costs that the County is entitled to in Administrative Fees under the IGA’s.

Housing these prisoners equates to between a $161,780.22 and $176,217.30 revenue loss per week and an annual loss of between $8,435,682.90 and $9,188,473.50 per year. Nine million dollars a year is about 20% of the Sheriff’s entire annual budget of $47 million. These funds have been lost directly because of Mr. Golden’s fiscal mismanagement. Since Mr. Golden took office on January 19, 2010, MCCI has lost between $4,414,288.80 and $4,808,214.90 in revenue. While these numbers are staggering, they do not include the additional losses suffered as a result of housing the approximately 60 state prisoners at MCCI at a reimbursement rate of $86.00 per day. State prisoners are not included in the calculations because Monmouth County has little control over the State’s placement of those inmates. However, holding State prisoners equates to an additional daily loss of more than $5,000.00.

“In a time when Monmouth County taxpayers are so overburdened with job losses, cost increases and income declines, I find it reprehensible that the Sheriff would continue to allow such a substantial loss in revenue to continue. These revenue losses are inexcusable and each day they go unaddressed, is another drag on Monmouth County’s resources. Such losses are indefensible and must be immediately rectified. Monmouth County should be making a profit on these prisoners, not taking a catastrophic loss.” Brophy stated.

Candidate Brophy concluded, “Mr. Golden has publicly touted a 5% cut in the Sheriff’s latest budget. However, he fails to explain that those cuts were not voluntary and it wasn’t until the County Freeholders forced him to cut that he took action. Additionally, he continues to be silent about the fact that the loss in revenue at MCCI is 20% of the Sheriff’s total annual budget. The only explanation I can see for this fiscal disaster is that Mr. Golden was ill-prepared to take control of such a large agency. As a business owner, I understand the need to thoroughly review all financial aspects of any entity before jumping in. Not having business experience, I can certainly see how such a task could be overwhelming to Mr. Golden. However, Monmouth County taxpayers cannot afford to train Mr. Golden in business management for the next three years.”

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