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>Socialism is all around us

>Lawrence O’Donnell on last night’s The Last Word points out how Bill O’Reilly is a “Socialist” like the rest of us.

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>Congressman Frank Pallone on the Death of Osama bin Laden

>Washington, D.C. – Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. issued the following statement on the death of Osama bin Laden:

“This is a significant blow against the forces of terror. The most wanted man in the world has been brought to justice. All Americans can take pride in the perseverance, courage and skill of the men and women who serve in the armed forces and the intelligence community. President Obama should be commended for his decisive leadership in the success of the raid in Pakistan. We hope that the death of the mastermind of the 9-11 terror attacks will bring some comfort to the families and loved ones of the victims. This should serve as notice that we will be relentless in tracking down those who attack our country or our citizens.”

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>Congressman Rush Holt’s Statement on the Death of Osama Bin Laden

>(Washington, D.C.) – U.S. Rep. Rush Holt (NJ-12) today issued the following statement on President Obama’s announcement that U.S. military forces had killed Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Abbottabahd, Pakistan:

“At this time, we remember the deaths and injuries that resulted from bin Laden’s vicious attacks on our embassies, ships, planes and the World Trade Center and Pentagon, and the many thousands of deaths caused by the havoc he sowed. Our hearts once again go out to all the families affected.

“Today, America’s military and intelligence services demonstrated why they remain the best in the world. Osama bin Laden’s removal will not immediately end the threat of terrorism against the United States, but his death represents a crippling blow to the organization responsible for the 9/11 attacks. I congratulate President Obama and the dedicated and brave members of our military and our intelligence services for acting to eliminate this threat to the American people.

“The length of time this has taken to accomplish—more than 13 years since the embassy bombings—reminds us that military and paramilitary operations have limitations and the fight against terrorism requires a multifaceted approach and reminds us that we must develop as much international cooperation as possible to defeat it.”

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