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President Obama’s Weekly Address 11/05/11: Vice President Biden " We Have to Increase the Pace"

Speaking from the University of Pittsburgh, Vice President Biden argues that this month’s jobs numbers demonstrate that Congress should pass the American Jobs Act to strengthen our economy and create jobs right away.

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>President Obama’s Weekly Address 5/28/11: Vice-President Biden on the American Auto Comeback

>Vice President Joe Biden delivers the Weekly Address, celebrating the success of the American auto industry in the wake of Chrysler paying back their loans.

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>JibJab Year in Review: So Long To Ya, 2010

>The first in what I’m sure will be a long parade of year end reviews by many, JibJab has just released it’s “So long to ya,2010” year end review. Like most of the political parody that JibJab produces, it’s smart and witty without going to far over the top.

This particular video from JibJab is a little different than others, for the first time producers use puppets in the making of a video instead of their typical animation. It’s pretty good, I like it.

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

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>President Obama’s Weekly Address: Tax Cuts & Unemployment Insurance

>With President Obama visiting troops in Afghanistan, Vice President Biden says Congress must extend both the middle class tax cuts and unemployment insurance for the sake of those families and the broader economy.

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Video: VP Biden Sets the Record Straight on Medicare

Travel with the Vice President as he reminds seniors that those who have always defended Medicare would never do anything to jeopardize the plan or those who rely on it.

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