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>Gerry Admits To Not Being a Volunteer At Last Night’s Township Committee Meeting In Middletown

>I am glad that someone took up my suggestion from my last post and asked Gerry Scharfenberger whether or not he has taken a salary this year as a member of the Middletown Township Committee.

Scharfenberger has been misleading everyone about this issue since he first spoke about it at the Lincroft Village Green Association’s Candidates Night, where he stated that gave up his stipend for the year and has been acting as a volunteer member of the Township Committee.

He even told reporters that after it was revealed after the election, that he was appointed by Governor Christie to a $95,000 a year job.

In this video clip from last nights meeting Gerry seems to be taken by surprise when Middletown resident Don Watson asked him if he had taken a paycheck from the Township this year. Scharfenberger became agitated and belligerent and he refused to answer the question, even going as far as asking the Township Clerk to note for the record that Mr. Watson’s allegations were not true, that he never said that he gave up his salary for the year. Thanks to the magic of audio we know what Scharfenberger said and it is easy to hear the intention of what he was trying to state. You can listen again for yourself after watching the video.


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