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Friday Funnies:Haunting New Video Of Exorcism Depicted

Take your mind off the hurricane for a short while and watch this haunting new depiction of an exorcism that has just made its way to the web.

Dirt Devil-The Exorcist from MrPrice2U on Vimeo.

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Video: Meet Carol Fowler, Democratic Candidate for Middletown Township Committee

This video was taken on June 30th, 2011 while Carol Fowler was introducing herself to members of the the Middletown Township Democratic Executive Committee shortly before receiving the approval of the Committee to become the Party’s candidate for this year’s November 8th election for Township Committee.

If you have never met Carol Fowler and want to know a little bit about her for yourself, here’s your chance.

I find it interesting that after posting this video to youtube on Friday and not making any announcement of it’s existence before now, the video has already had 40 hits. I guess some people are interested in seeing who is the person replacing Alex Desevo and what kind of candidate she will make.

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>Saturday Morning Cartoons: Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue – "Say No To Drugs"

>This saturday morning cartoon from 1990 brought together all the most popular cartoon characters of the time, to tell the story of a young man who was hooked on drugs.

After discovering a stash of drugs in Michael’s room, the various cartoon characters proceed to work together and take him on a fantasy journey to teach him the risks and consequences a life of drug-use can bring and save the world.

With recent headlines about methadone clinics and candidates, this seems like an appropriate cartoon to watch and learn from even though it’s a little dated.

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>DGA Video: Will GOP Governors ‘Stand with Scott’ Walker’s Power Grab?

>A new ad by the Democratic Governor’s Association features Republican Governors distancing themselves from Scott Walker and asks if they back Walker’s latest efforts to ram through anti-worker agenda. Featured prominently in this video is non other than our Governor, Chris Christie.

Washington, D.C.—Today, the Democratic Governors Association released a video calling on Republican governors to say whether or not they stand with Governor Scott Walker’s union-busting power grab in Wisconsin.

“Many Republican governors understand that the overwhelming majority of Americans oppose Governor Scott Walker’s brazen power grab and they have abandoned him in droves,” DGA Communications Director Lis Smith said. “Now that Governor Walker has resorted to underhanded tactics to subvert the will of the people in Wisconsin and strip workers of their rights, voters in Republican-governed states need to know whether their governor will stand with them or with Scott Walker and his destructive, ideological agenda that will do nothing to create jobs or improve opportunity.”

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>Turn off the Hate. Get out the Vote.

>George W. Bush. Extreme right-wing talk show hosts. Homophobes. Racists. All these people will vote and they hope you don’t. Turn off the Hate. Get out the Vote.

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>Video: Mary Mahoney Explains Why She Is Running For Middletown Township Committee

>Mary Mahoney, Democratic Candidate for Middletown Township Committee and running mate of Democratic Committeeman Sean Byrnes, explains why she is seeking office. This video was take at the Byrnes and Mahoney Town Hall meeting that took place on September 27,2010.

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>New Tea Party Parody Commercial: Dick Armey, Matt Kibbe and FreedomWorks Get Help From Gadfly Actor and Ex-Tea Party Victim D.C. Douglas


For Immediate Release:

Actor and voice over talent D.C. Douglas has, once again, offered to help the Tea Party movement with another video; a commercial for Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe’s book, “Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto.”

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 26, 2010

D.C. Douglas, a veteran character actor and voice over artist, has offered to help Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe sell their new book, “Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto,” by producing an internet commercial that Mr. Douglas feels captures the true essence of Matt Kibbe and the FreedomWorks modus operandi.

In April of this year, D.C. Douglas became a target of a FreedomWorks effort to get Mr. Douglas fired from his voice over job on a new GEICO campaign. He had upset Matt Kibbe with a sarcastic voicemail message he left on the FreedomWorks press line. Through hundreds of harassing phone calls, FreedomWorks prevailed and Mr. Douglas was replaced. Initially, Mr. Douglas was perturbed. But after some reflection and meditation, he realized he needed to help their movement – not fight it.

A month later, Mr. Douglas produced a Tea Party PSA that went viral and inspired thousands of people to look at FreedomWorks differently. He also gained over a thousand new fans and many other jobs in the process.

“After seeing Matt Kibbe trying to sell his master’s new book on Fox News recently, I kinda felt sorry for him,” Mr. Douglas confides. “Matt does actually think for himself sometimes, but he has no personality to speak of, really, to express himself. He sorta comes off like Igor asking you to donate your brain to his friend, Dr. Frankenstein. It’s a hard way to go through life. And he does seem kinda melancholy. So I decided to pitch in.”

Mr. Douglas took out time from his schedule to write and produce a spec commercial for Dick Armey, Matt Kibbe and FreedomWorks to promote their new book, “Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto.” The commercial went live on August 25th.

“I know they probably won’t purchase it from me because they are fiscally responsible. Plus, they need to use most of their funds to step up their grassroots work for BP,” Mr. Douglas surmises. “But even my putting it on the interwebs for free is a small stepping stone to their stated goal of taking over the Republican Party in a hostile manner. And since they all have NRA memberships, I expect a huge shoot-out! I am so rooting for FreedomWorks!”

Mr. Douglas’ FreedomWorks commercial can be seen on YouTube and his personal blog:

Mr. Douglas can also be seen as the Captain of the Titanic II in the much anticipated and mocked B-movie, “Titanic II,” which was released on August 23rd.

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>In Case You Missed It: N.J. officials did not provide missing numbers during Race to the Top presentation, video shows

>In cased you missed it, the U.S. Department of Education released a video yesterday of New Jersey’s Race to the Top presentation that was held earlier this month in Washington, D.C.

It clearly show that New Jersey’s delegation was ill prepared and did not respond to questions that were asked of them in the correct fashion even after being given multiple opportunities to do so, which appears to contradict what Gov. Christie had been saying by blaming the Obama Administration for not calling him when they noticed a problem with the application.
The following video was posted at the Newark Star-Ledgers website last night:

Excerpt of N.J.’s Race to the Top interview shows officials with no budget answer

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Jon Stewart Video: Deductible Me

Another spot on commentary from Jon Stewart last night you just have to watch.

“Republicans don’t realize that extending the Bush tax cuts will strengthen the deficit monster that’s going to eat our babies”

From the Huffington Post

Last night on “The Daily Show” Jon Stewart took on Republicans for their dramatic words about the deficit and simultaneous defense of the Bush tax cuts. While conservative pundits refer to the deficit as “crushing” and dangerous to our “children and grandchildren,” Stewart worried that the GOP doesn’t understand what’s causing the deficit they fear so much in the first place. “Do they not realize that the tax cuts strengthen the deficit monster that’s going to eat our babies?”….

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Scharfenberger Videos Are Just Another Example Of His Ignorance Of Facts.

Have you seen the two videos of Middletown’s acting mayor Gerry Scharfenberger being interviewed by another local blogger? The videos were made a number of weeks ago, just before the 4th of July holiday, so if you have not you can seem them, you can do so >>> here and here .
These videos are a classic examples of how Gerry Scharfenberger ignores the truth to promote his own agenda.
Scharfenbeger stated in the first video that the 13% increase in the municipal tax rate stated by Committeeman Sean Byrnes at the budget introduction meeting was not accurate, which is untrue.
In 2009 there was $40,001,112.58 raised by property taxes and this year (2010) there will be $45,549,733.91, the difference being $5,548,621.33. If you divide this difference by the 2009 amount and multiply it by 100 you will get the percentage increase for 2010, which is 13.87%. Byrnes was rounding down to 13%.

Scharfenbeger mentioned about how the lack of state aid was a factor behind the increase in the municipal tax rate. In 2009 Middletown lost, I believe $800K in state aid and Scharfenberger stated that then Gov. Jon Corzine was strangling the municipalities. In 2010 Gov. Christie has shorted Middletown twice that much,$1.6M. Now, Scharfenberger has stated that Gov. Christie is doing what is necessary to set the State on the right course, but he had no plan to deal with the loss of aid. The mayor had to have seen this coming just by the shear climate of the economy and planned appropriately for it.

This brings up a point that I am surprised others haven’t talked about much; why should Middletown rely on State aid to begin with? Middletown is larger enough and should be supporting itself, not looking for handouts from the State or Federal Governments. If aid comes down from the State it should be applied to the town’s surplus and the following years’ budget.

When asked about the adoption of the township budget and why after 6 months into the year a budget had not been adopted yet, our acting mayor stated that each month thus far Middletown has been operating with a temporary budget that has been kept to within 75% of what was expected to spent each month.

If that’s the case, why not make a yearly budget to do the same? A budget could have been made in January to include 90% of what was expected to be spent. That would leave 10% to go toward surplus. Why put off the enevitable? Given this statement Gerry expected a 13% increase, therefore he saw it coming.

In the second video, the mayor talks about unfunded mandates like COAH and opting out of the civil service system. Scharfenberger stated that millions have been spent over the years on lawyers fees to to fight lawsuits on COAH, but the reality is, if the Middletown was COAH compliant for all of those years then most of the lawsuits would not have taken place. As a matter of fact, if Middletown was compliant in many other areas of the law, then lawsuits would not have had to be fought. Many times Middletown has enabled the lawsuits to continue only to have the lawyers profit.

In wishing to opt-out of the Civil Service system, Scharfenberger stated that shared service agreements can’t be reached with other towns that do not have civil service employees. He says that because of civil service requirements agreements between Middletown and other towns are nearly impossible. Now I might be wrong in presuming this but, if an agreement can be made between two municipalities whether they are civil service or not, that complies with the civil service contracts, it should be acceptable to the non-civil service employees from another towns.
Finally, the mayor claims that he had no idea of what the Governor was going to do, which has to be the furthest thing from the truth. After all, Scharfenberger was on the Governors’ Transition Team writing policy for what the new Governor was going to do and he loves to tell everyone that he is in constant contact with him or Lieutenant Gov. Guadagno.
So to be taken by surprise or caught off guard by anything coming from Trenton has to be taken with a grain of salt and chalked up as nothing more than the continued issuance of half-truths an blubbery from him, in order to promote his own self interests.


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