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Watch Assembly Candidate Bob Brown Online At Fox News’s Strategy Room

State Assembly Candidate for the 13th District, Democrat Bob Brown, will be making another appearance on Fox News’s online political talk show “The Strategy Room”.

This morning Brown will appear during the segment “Breaking News” at 10:00 am.

Bob has been a regular guest on the show for the past few months and has discussed a wide range of both local and national issues.

Bob will be joining host Heather Nauert and fellow guests Tracy Davis-Former Speech Writer for President Bush 41, AnneMarie McAvoy-Former Federal Prosecutor, Former Co-Chair Women for McCain NY and Jessica Weinstein-Freelance Journalist,

Starting at 10:40 am, Yossi Peled, an Israeli Minister will be joining the panel to discuss Middle East foreign policy.
Yossi Peled was recently quoted as saying “the government had no plans to freeze construction in settlements or in Jerusalem…I have heard with my own ears that there is no agreement on freezing construction in settlements”. So it should make for an interesting final 20 minutes of the program.

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